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Be a Hero: Increase Marketing Efficiency with Template-based Websites

Today’s digital marketers are expected to deliver large numbers of digital experiences to meet the needs of their organizations. Websites are required fare in the modern marketing mix, and for many organizations, this can easily result in many tens or hundreds of sites. To deal with this volume, digital marketers must innovate and rapidly identify methodologies to scale the delivery of engaging websites, and ultimately, achieve the brand reach sought by their organizations.

Our answer to this digital marketer’s dilemma? A web site creation and delivery approach stemming from patterns that eliminates unnecessary bottlenecks and enables marketing to be heroes.

Chances are by this point in your own professional development, you’ve realized that identifying patterns can help you quickly solve a recurring problem within a given context. For example, if you’re a record label, there’s a pattern to how your artists’ sites are developed. If you’re a higher education institution, you’ve identified the pattern for delivering department and student organization sites. At an even larger scale of a globally recognized consumer pharmaceutical brand, there are global product, campaign, event and promotional sites that are based on common patterns.

Once you’ve identified these website patterns, a huge opportunity for awaits: With the Acquia Cloud Site Factory, you can capture the patterns within one or more site templates and repeatedly launch sites based on these templates through a predictable approach. Define a site’s common configurations, information architecture, layout, brand elements and third-party integrations within the template, and from there, the process for creating new sites is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create a new site from the desired site template
  2. Add brand-specific content and design to the new site
  3. Assign a custom domain

You’re done!

Let’s take a look at two real-world examples of organizations who have benefited from Acquia Cloud Site Factory’s template-based approach to achieve faster time to market, increased marketing efficiency and higher consumer engagement.

Florida Hospital, one of the United State’s largest not-for-profit health care providers, created hundreds of health care practitioner sites based on a single template. The hospital wanted to maintain a consistent design across these sites for brand recognition, but personalize each site to clearly identify each practitioner’s area of focus. For example, by differentiating specializations by website color scheme. By leveraging a single template, Florida Hospital gained the ability to create new practitioner sites with a high degree of brand consistency, while reducing delivery times of individual sites from weeks to a matter of days.


Warner Music Group (WMG), home to some of the best-known record labels in the music industry, has also benefited from Site Factory’s site template approach. WMG developed three classes of site templates for their emerging, established and global artists, respectively. The template for emerging artists includes a blog, discography, upcoming tour dates, and music videos, while the template for global artists builds upon that to also include support for user-generated content, forums, fan club communities and e-commerce. Through the use of site templates, WMG was able to reduce the time required to deliver new sites from two months to two weeks, while giving their designers the creative freedom to create wholly unique experiences reflecting each artist’s persona.


Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a proven platform that enables digital business leaders to efficiently deliver large numbers of unique, branded web experiences through a repeatable process. Time to market becomes days instead of weeks or months, and digital marketers become heroes by enabling their organizations to successfully achieve their business objectives.

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