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Being an intern at Acquia

I’m not Acquia’s first intern, though I am working a nerf gun’s shot away from him. That title belongs to Charlie Gordon. I’m proud and excited to come to work every day, especially with many of the interns I work with. Isaac Sukin is an experienced Drupalist whose only project at Acquia is making Drupal Commons even more awesome. To use a pseudo quote from Star Wars, “The force is strong with that one.” I’ve also enjoyed working with Sara Roy, a support intern, who’s learning Drupal and providing first-class support for Drupal Gardens. Olivia Holmes is the up-and-coming marketing professional who is helping the spread the word of Drupal and Acquia with techniques and methods that I won’t begin to comprehend.

My name is Gaelan Adams and my alter-ego is Captain_Intern. (Though I’ve been thinking of being boring and switching it to gadams). I work on Acquia’s Operations and Hosting Engineering team making sure that new clients get their servers, answering alerts when systems complain and on occasion work with the Client Advisory Team providing world class Drupal support to Acquia customers. I’m from Orlando, Florida and I was introduced to Drupal three years ago by Ryan Price and Mike Anello not to mention several others of the Central Florida Drupal Users Group have helped my skills grow and increase. I have to say working here at Acquia is even more exciting than I would have ever thought.

Acquia is getting an excellent internship program running. Isaac and myself along with other interns been helping with that in small ways; mainly providing suggestions, feedback and documentation with useful resources from the area or things that helped us. There are so many fantastic things about working at Acquia that I’ll only touch on a few of them.

  • Everyone is passionate and incredibly smart not to mention everyone is always excited and happy to be working at Acquia.
  • You’re working on awesome technologies AND Drupal every day; often we work on being the leaders in scaling platforms to meet our requirements but more importantly our customers needs.
  • If you see room for improvement, you have the right to make it happen. It is your new task to accomplish.
    • I’ve spent a significant time improving our internal documentation as well as writing Acquia Library articles when I see they’re needed.
  • Open door policy - regardless of how busy someone is they’ll make time to have a great conversation for a few minutes.
    • I’ve had some excellent conversations with Dries even though his to do list is still 9 hours away from completion at 7pm. I personally believe he is the world’s busiest man.
  • Nerf gun wars - yes, the rumors you’ve heard are true! There are nerf gun wars and they’re epic.
  • The fridges! The fridges are excellent and full of soda, variety drinks and delicious snacks.

I have to say I love being an intern and hope to be hired one day at Acquia. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Acquia, internships and what I believe makes us rock.

If you have any questions about being an intern at Acquia feel free to post comments, I’ll be more than happy to talk with you about it.


Posted on by Alican Kaynarca.

this is a very good post to imagine the internship at Acquia and what about the application process? Can you write something about what Aquia expect from a candidate? School success , engineering and communication skills or anything else? Thanks..

Posted on by Greg Adams.

Great question, I did respond - I just clicked on the wrong reply button. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted on by Greg Adams.

Hi alican.k,
The application process is almost exactly like a regular employment application process. Since I was in Florida I had three interview phone calls and a whole lot of E-Mails. All of my interviews on the phone averaged an hour each call and E-Mails are E-Mails; they're as long as they need to be. :-)

I'll definitely be writing a follow up blog about what Acquia expects from Candidates, especially interns.

Posted on by Mohsin Ahmed (not verified).

Hi Gaelan, did you write a follow up blog on what Acquia expects from interns and a bit more about their interview contents?

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