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Acquia Cloud Gettin' Git

I'm pleased to announce that the Acquia Cloud will soon support Git repositories! We're rolling this out over the next few weeks. I'd like your feedback: Are you a Git user? ... an SVN user? ...or something else? If you're a current customer, how we can make the upgrade process as painless as possible?

Our current plan is to switch to Git by default for all new customers. Is this the right thing? I'd like feedback from the community on whether you've already made the switch to Git. And, if not, which version control system are you using and when do you plan to make the switch to Git? For now, we'll still support SVN for those who prefer it.

A little background: Git is the popular, open-source version control system that, since the beginning of the year, is used by Drupal.org to manage the Drupal code base. We created Acquia Cloud back when Drupal.org was still using the ancient CVS system and Git was only a gleam in a few Drupalists' eyes. Because of that, we integrated with SVN, the most popular version control system at the time. Using Acquia Cloud's snazzy Workflow UI, our customers select tags, backup, and publish their sites directly from their hosted SVN repository. While some Acquia customers (and employees) have managed their SVN repository via a Git client, we knew it was well nigh time to provide a native Git solution. Acquia Cloud engineer, and Git fan, Michael Booth has been leading the charge here and is busily wrapping up the testing of our Git support.

I have a few additional questions for our existing Acquia Managed Cloud and Dev Cloud customers:

  • As a current customer, when do you want to shift your site to Git? Choose:
    (a) ASAP, I can't believe I've had to wait this long!
    (b) Soon, but I need a few weeks notice to get prepared.
    (c) I'll move sometime, but am in no rush.
    (d) Never, I love your SVN support and don't want to switch.
  • Retaining the SVN history in Git is tricky when making the switch. Can you abide starting over with an empty Git history? Or will you require a documented way to import your SVN history into Git?

Please respond in the comments or email me.

Finally, we're looking for Git beta testers on our Acquia Cloud platform. Whether you're a Git newbie or a pro, let me know if you'd like early access.


Posted on by foelsche@palant....

* made the shift? Yes, we are exclusively using git for development
* when? ASAP. Having to deal with moving code from git to svn is an interruption in our workflow
* history? For us it's not important- we have everything in git already.

What does the integration with third party git providers (eg: github) look like? Are we adding an additional remote for Acquia's git? We'd definitely be interested in doing some beta testing.

Posted on by Patrick Connolly.

This is exactly how we feel at Myplanet on all the bullet-pointed questions (current workflow, when, and importance of history). Ditto on everything foelsche said, including the interest in beta testing :)

Posted on by jim.salem.

At the moment, we aren't doing any direct github integration. You'd need to add an additional remote for Acquia's git servers. We do it this way so we can always get access to your git repo even if github is down.
I've added you to our beta list.

Posted on by Greg Knaddison.

I'm somewhere between A and B. I look forward to the change, but am not racing to do it.

<blockquote> Retaining the SVN history in Git is tricky when making the switch. Can you abide starting over with an empty Git history? Or will you require a documented way to import your SVN history into Git? </blockquote>

It's extremely important to me that line-by-line annotations are retained. We use these with our issue tracking to know what was done and when, so we definitely need to keep the commit information.

Posted on by Jonathan Hedstrom.

I'm curious why there can't be a scripted migration from SVN to git? This is quite common, and if one can migrate CVS on d.o. to git, then surely SVN can be done as well.

Posted on by Jonathan Polirer.

Since, as probably many (?) others are, I'm only using the SVN repo as the way to get content to my site, I don't care in the least about the history it contains. If you were to just take my SVN head and push it in as the HEAD commit in a brand-spanking new git repo, I'd be fine. In the future, I assume I'd be able to push from my central git server (or, hell, *ANY* of my git repos) up to the acquia repo and... poof! MAGIC! (BTW, YAY git!!)

Posted on by Michael Anello.

One of my clients, a current Acquia customer, we fall somewhere between a) and b), but we'd definitely want to keep the SVN commit history as well.

Posted on by Brock Boland.

I've been griping more about SVN this past week, so this is great news.

We've completely switched to git, with the exception of clients hosted on Acquia, so I'd like to switch ASAP. As for retaining history: in some cases, we can start fresh, but will need full documentation for the ones that do need the full history switched over.

Posted on by Lane Web Team.

Yay! :D

I want git for our Dev Cloud as soon as possible.

I don't have enough history in the SVN repo to matter, so no need to transfer the history to git.

I would love to have early access.

Posted on by Jeff Widman.

Using Git for everything else except acquia

toss out my SVN version history (keep the code itself though! ;-)

love access to the beta

Posted on by Mark Challinor.

We have just started working with managed cloud and as we use Git everywhere else we would like to move as soon as possible but due to our development time lines we can’t do beta testing at the moment, sorry.

Posted on by Steve Michel.

Git sounds good and we've worked with some consultants who love it, but the 5 of us on the team are pretty used to svn, and though we see the benefits, it's hard to know how much time and pain we'll suffer in switching. I do want to save our history as well.

Posted on by Willy Karam.

We are very keen to switch to Git ASAP, can start from scratch with no history and would love to be a beta tester. Any update on when this might be available for beta users?

Posted on by Kay VanValkenburgh.

Per instructions*, adding a comment here to request to join the git beta preview.


*(this page http://network.ac quia.com/documentation/cloud notes: To join the beta preview of Git, add a comment to this blog post http://acquia.co m/blog/acquia-cloud-gettin-git.)

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