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A writer joins Acquia

Today marks my first day as Acquia's Director of Content and Communications, although I've been following the company since its birth. I started using Drupal in late 2007 -- right around when Jay and Dries were founding the company -- to build a site that would promote a book that was soon to be published. That site launched within a month of Acquia's first hires, and the popularity of Drupal supported me to write several video courses for lynda.com, a book about Drupal 7, and reports for Drupal-focused companies. Of course Acquia and I also contributed to issue queues, discussions, camps, and other community-based initiatives all along. We grew up together in the Drupal community, although you could say that I came to it as an immigrant, while the company is wholly native-born.

I've watched it grow with fascination. In 2008 I predicted Drupal Gardens and wrote positively about the company's future, then praised Acquia Dev Desktop as having "the potential to be a really big deal for Drupal". (I think that potential's been realized, although that handy Drupal installer never gets the attention I think it deserves.) I also wrote about how Acquia could provide documentation structure unavailable on drupal.org, which is coming true with Acquia Library.

In my new position I'll be rewriting the Acquia.com website; producing marketing materials; helping coordinate public-relations efforts; and generally defining the tone of the company's public presentation. As is the rule at Acquia, some of what I do here will be for the larger Drupal community, as materials that support events, organizations, and the project as a whole.

On that note, I'd love to hear your ideas for specific content that Acquia could produce to help Drupal in general. There are already some amazing initiatives within the community, such as the Marketing of Drupal group: I want to help Acquia supplement those activities to help us show what Drupal does, how it's succeeding in the world, and the benefits of adopting it. On that note, if you're an experienced writer who's knowledgeable about Drupal, please contact me at tom.geller at this domain. There's a lot of work to be done: Let's get started!

So: Acquia and I are all grown up now. We're the children of parents -- Drupal and its community -- who have achieved rapid, unexpected success. Having finally gotten the chance to work alongside the hundred-plus intelligent and driven people who comprise Acquia, I can't imagine a better sibling, or better parents.


Posted on by Lisa Rex.

Tom, the Drupal.org Redesign group was recently renamed Drupal.org Improvements: http://groups.d rupal.org/drupalorg-improvements. It has discussions about content (often crossposted with the Prairie initiative project) and functionality, along with the Drupal.org content audit. The audit is focusing on the non-documentation content on Drupal.org, such as FAQ's, About pages, and Getting Involved guide. Already many issues have sprung up around the best way to monitor the quality of content on Drupal.org, improve the Showcase Drupal sites, etc.

We should talk :)

Posted on by Tom Geller.

Hi, Lisa! Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'm very glad to see that you're paying attention to the non-documentation content: While documentation is important, the bulk of it is seen by people *after* they've installed Drupal. They support the community; non-documentation content grows it.

Maybe I'm just waxing on because it's the area that most interests me personally. :)

Anyway. Some Acquians did a content export of Acquia.com (using Views) before I arrived here. It wasn't clear whether you've settled on a way to get the content out: If you need help in this area, maybe I could hook you up with the folks here who did the work for pointers.


Posted on by Lisa Rex.

The Views part was easy; and we're using flag for content auditing. But thanks for checking! It's all happening on http://cont ent.redesign.devdrupal.org/content-audit. David Hernadez and I will start pulling out some interesting facts, write a blog post for drupal.org and start thinking about what happens next.

Posted on by Tom Geller.

I'm looking forward to it! I read Planet Drupal assiduously, so I'll see it if it shows up there. Otherwise, feel free to send me a note any time.

Posted on by Adam Moore.

Congratulations on your new job. You'll be a great addition to the Acquia team.

Posted on by Tom Geller.


Posted on by Sc meeven.

All the best in your efforts.

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