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Join the Social Business Revolution

The social web is dramatically changing the way we work and play. Organizations are gaining substantial productivity improvements from what the inventor of the term web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly, describes as “harnessing the collective intelligence.”

But harnessing the massive amounts of content being created in the social web is a great challenge in itself. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” The management of this content is essential to gain the benefits of the ‘collective intelligence’ and that’s where Drupal comes in – in essence as an ‘operating system’ for the social web.

Thousands of companies are deploying Drupal as the cornerstone of their social web strategies in what we estimate to be well over a million web sites. It’s used for applications from collaboration (social business systems) to e-commerce, from intranets to product micro-sites, and everything in between. Drupal benefits from the faster innovation cycle that open source brings combined with it’s developer heritage which not only ensure robust reliability, but also a richness and reach in functionality not found elsewhere. The over 7000 contributed modules available for Drupal ensure that when you need a new social web capability “there’s a module for that”.

At the same time, due to its open source roots, the business success stories of Drupal are not well known, so Acquia decided to share some of them in a series of in person events. Dubbed the “Drupal Business Summits”, it’s an opportunity for business leaders to learn more about what their peers have already experienced in harnessing the social business revolution. We’ve planned events in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco, with a fantastic line-up of speakers who will share their stories in building killer web experiences with Drupal.

You can find the complete details of the Summit events including city specific agendas at revolution2010.acquia.com. Hopefully you can make it, but in the event you cannot, we will be recording the events and sharing them on the web.

We are excited about these Business Summit events, spread the word and Join the Revolution! The Drupal Revolution that is ...

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Posted on by George Papadongonas.

Drupal Business Summits is a fantastic idea. Do you have any plans for similar events in Europe for 2011?

Posted on by Tom Erickson.

Thanks George, we're excited and so are the many partners who have stepped up to sponsor them. We're hoping to expand the format to Europe and more cities in North America next year, especially as we grow out our team across the Atlantic. Stay tuned!