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Drupal 7 Apache Solr Search Mastery

It is day two at Drupalcon Copenhagan, and Robert Douglass and I presented this afternoon on Apache Solr Search Mastery. While the concepts in this talk apply to the Drupal 6 versions, all the code examples are taken from the Drupal 7 port of the Apache Solr module.

Changes in the Drupal 7 version include wrapping all the data for the Solr query into the $query object and transforming the CCK integration from 6.x-2.x into an integration with the Drupal 7 Field API. Of specific note there is that taxonomy data attached to a node is now a term reference field and so can be handled through the same general Field API handling as (for example) the fields provided by the Drupal 7 List module.

Attached is a PDF of all the slides from our talk together with James McKinney at Drupalcon SF. All the examples in that talk were taken from the Drupal 6 code, so is also a good resource for people developing Drupal 6 integrations. The video from Drupalcon SF is at archive.org.

More information about James' custom search paths for McGill can be seen in his blog post about it.


Posted on by David Corbacho (not verified).

Hi Peter, I was in the session and was very interesting. I can't see the attached files, could you check it?
Do you know if Drupalcon CPH sessions will be available in video later on?

Posted on by petermatilda (not verified).

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