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Video asks: Is Drupal left-brained or right-brained?

In many ways, the job of Acquia’s partner team is to create the right connections. One important way we do that is to connect customers with partners to produce extraordinary digital experiences. This is like connecting both sides of the brain, the left side and right side, the analytical and the creative.

Genuine Interactive

Genuine Interactive, one of our partners, is a fast growing full-service digital agency based in Boston that has deepened its partnership with Acquia in 2012. Genuine has produced a great video that takes a whimsical look at the importance of connecting the analytical and creative sides of the brain.

The video asks whether Drupal, Acquia’s core technology, is left-brained or right-brained. Genuine brought in a neuroscientist who was asked to explain what it means to be left-brained or right-brained, and revealed some interesting results. Dries Buytaert, the co-founder of Acquia and the creator of Drupal, was also asked to consider the question.

Executives at Imprivata and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) talked about how they have realized success by working with Genuine Interactive and Acquia, wondered whether they are left-brained or right-brained, and how important Drupal was to the success of their projects.

The MFA asked Genuine to work on its new Collections initiative that made its art treasures available digitally by using a platform that would be able to handle future demands. Imprivata, a worldwide leader in enhancing care delivery with fast, secure access to patient information, tapped Genuine to redesign their web presence. Drupal was used for both projects.

Drupal, an open source technology, allowed both Imprivata and the MFA to create effective web experiences, investing their available resources in being innovative rather than in expensive, proprietary digital technologies. The left- and right-brained, and those who were a little of both, were able to use Drupal to create the experience that would connect them in a meaningful way with their audience.

In many ways, Acquia’s success has been built on this series of partnerships and connections, bringing the analytical and creative together with the right technologies and toolsets to deliver world-class digital experiences. Like Genuine, each partner is committed to customer success, and together we create great results. Scientists tell us that if one part of the brain is not working correctly, another can compensate. To be truly effective, each side needs to focus on its strengths and complement the other. Acquia and Genuine Interactive have built a bridge between our businesses and the combination of our two teams has delivered truly complementary results.

The video says it best:


Posted on by Kelly Cromwell.

I completely agree with this video, finally someone understands how an agile developer/marketer thinks!

Posted on by Andrew Thornton (not verified).

Interesting discussion, thanks for posting.

Posted on by Rachit Gupta.

I believe its 60 - 40 mix of left and right, as most of the developer would fall on logical side while some of the user and front end developer would fall on creative side.

Posted on by Michael Miles.

For any drupal project to be successful you need to be very creative as well as very focused.

Posted on by Ricardo Beltran.

An interesting quiestion would be; Who do you think is best suited to make the creative part of the job? An engineer with some knowledge of UXD or a designer with some knowledge of Programming

Posted on by Radoslav Minkov.

Drupal is for sure both left and right brain, but I like its right brain side :)

Posted on by Adrian Cabrera.

i definitely agree! cool video!

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