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Top twelve most subscribed working groups on groups.drupal.org

In my new role as the Drupal community adventure guide I am taking a look at where Drupal is growing. One part of the Drupal community that is really hot is http://groups.drupal.org.

Moshe Weitzman and the team of administrators at groups.drupal.org have hit an important growth milestone. For the second time in 4 months groups.drupal.org has over a million page views a month! I think that makes it a certifiable web 2.0 hot property ;-)

Where is all this growth coming from? Certainly a lot of the growth is coming from the 115 local groups. But let's take a closer look at the twelve biggest working groups, by number of subscribers, first and see if we can spot some trends.

  1. 1631 subscribers to the contributed module status group. This confirms previous survey data that module quality, recommendations, and status are a top priority for the Drupal community.
  2. 1217 subscribers to Drupal dojo group, the online interactive training group. Drupal continues to have a steep but clearly rewarding learning curve.
  3. 709 subscribers to the social networking group. I think this confirms that social networking is still hot, and that it is a critical feature in web sites.
  4. 654 subscribers to the ecommerce group. Apparently making money on the internet is still popular.
  5. 548 subscribers to the theme development group. This is still a hot in demand skill and I still see lots of advertisements for theme developers. Let's see what impact the improvements in Drupal 6 theming have on the size and activity of this group.
  6. 518 subscribers to the content construction kit. Custom content types that meet your organizations needs continue to be very popular. Last week someone was bragging to me they could pay a Ruby programmer to make a web form and have it working that afternoon. I didn't have the heart to tell him what a Drupal user could do.
  7. 517 subscribers to the consulting group. This is less than the 635 subscribers to the consulting list or the 1600+ drupal.org users who have indicated in they provide Drupal related services. It looks like there's a lot of job postings but also some good best practices.
  8. 504 subscribers to newspapers on Drupal group . The newspaper group has an extraordinary group of industry evangelists. As the newspaper industry continues to lose traditional advertising revenue they are looking for that great blend of high quality editorial content, combined with user generated content. This is an exciting time and there's a lot of great innovation going on. I'll be at NewsTools in a few weeks to help spread the word about what Drupal can do.
  9. 428 subscribers to the community group. It's definitely interesting to see what used to be the reason to use Drupal, to build a community site, fall to third place in popularity behind social networking and newspapers. But it's still a strong core competency for the Drupal community. What do you think the next popular type of website, Drupal will be used to make?
  10. 422 subscribers to the views developers group . It's good to see so many people invested in building sites with powerful GUI development tools. Let's be sure to give Sony BMG and Earl a hand with the Views 6 to do list.
  11. 405 subscribers to the high performance group. There continues to be strong interest and apparently money in getting your site up to 1M, 10M, 30M page views per month. I hope we will soon start to see some reference architectures for 100M per month sites.
  12. 364 subscribers to the search engine optimization. This was one of the biggest surprises for me. Are a lot of Drupal people interested in SEO, or are lot of SEO people interested in Drupal? With 75 posts and 364 subscribers, I suspect it's the latter. Is Drupal something special for SEO professionals, or just another web platform to be tuned?
  13. While this isn't a definitive measurement, it's a good bit of data to see what's popular, and why.


Posted on by Ken Rickard (not verified).

#8 with a bullet. The Newspapers on Drupal group was a private group until two weeks ago. We've been steadily growing. I'll be speaking about Drupal and open source at Nexpo in DC on April 13.

Posted on by alexanderpas@dr... (not verified).

about #12: SEO == Drupal

Drupal has done some extensive SEO to core, so SEO 'specialists' are attracted to drupal

Posted on by Bill Fitzgerald (not verified).

Hello, Kieran,

The Education working group is also humming along with, at this writing, 405 subscribers. The DrupalCon events in Boston (one social meetup with over 80 participants, and two BoF events) helped bring an increased level of focus and attention to the group.

http://groups.drupal. org/drupal-education



Posted on by Steamdusj (not verified).

I have been looking for some detailed information about SEO in Drupal.
Do you have any available video demonstrations available on your site?

Posted on by Ben Finklea.

I just recorded a webinar on SEO here on Acquia.com. You can see it here:
http://acquia.com/community/resources/webinars/seo -best-practices-your-d...

Ben Finklea
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