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Few things to consider when redesigning a B2B website

Everyone who is in the web business has dealt with a site redesign before. Sometimes they are long drawn out projects, and sometimes they go a bit faster. Sometimes they take years and millions of dollars. I’ve been a part of each of those scenarios. Our recent website redesign went pretty smoothly, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Make sure you know why you are redesigning your website. Set Goals. When we started redesigning Acquia.com we listed out these main goal:
    Increase Leads
    Improve Messaging
    More Relevant Content
  2. Once you have your goals set and ideas of how to reach those goals let your designer have their freedom. The key to any website redesign is having a great designer either in-house or within an agency you’ve worked with before. We were lucky enough to have an in-house designer. He then gave us a few versions and we did some mood testing through the Verify app.
  3. Once all designs have been tested we end up with our finished product and can build it. Acquia Redesign As you can see here in our before and after we met our outlined goals, more CTA (call to action) buttons on the homepage. The previous version of Acquia.com only have 1 main CTA in the banner area, this new version has many more. This will help us to meet our goal of increased leads. Improved messaging was our second goal and we changed out tagline to “Where great digital experiences begin” and we are bringing in some more content around our products with agile, resilient, integrated. The last goal was to have more relevant content on our homepage and if you go to acquia.com we now have a very long style page with lots of relevant content. LAUNCH!

We started this redesign project in the beginning of January and were able to launch April 11th. It took us about 3 months to fully launch.

After the first month of having our new homepage live we were able to see a 9% increase on our “Get Started” CTA on the homepage and organic traffic has increased by 15% because we now have relevant content on our homepage compared to before.

9% conversion rate

We did learn some lessons along the way.

  • Make sure you plan for mobile during your design. Trying to make a fully designed website work on a mobile device can be very difficult and your user will suffer. So when doing a redesign make it a requirement for your designers to provide a version of their site design for mobile (vertical & landscape) and for tablet (vertical & landscape) this will make you happy in the long run and make your developers happy so they aren’t guessing.
  • Watch your data both before you redesign and after! This is very important. Be data driven. I was able to make some small changes during my first week of the new design launch that helped my conversion rate because I was watching my site traffic and lead data to a landing page.
  • Tom EricksonGet design approval! Make sure you know who your key stakeholders are from the very beginning and make sure they see the finished design prior to development. I made the mistake of not keeping the CEO up to date on how the design was progressing and unfortunately when he saw the finished product he had some changes that held up our launch date by a few weeks.
  • Iterate. No design will be perfect and a website will always be evolving. Embrace it and be ready for it.


Posted on by Marcus Morba.

I´m sorry to say this, but the UX is really bad on the new site. Maybe the scrolling is cool for an iPad and Touch-Based devices but not for desktop.

Besides especially for revisiting customers, there´s nothing new on the homepage, the blog or news are no top level topic and besides some nice illustration there´s no really information on the 1st level.

Also the navigation arrows are very hard to see, white on white with 1px lines is not really a good idea.

Posted on by Katelyn Fogarty.

Thank you for the feedback, it's always welcome. As I mentioned in my post we are going to iterate on this design as we go. Your right we don't have any new products but our main message is new it use to be "Enterprise Guide to Drupal" and we are now allowing for more of our products to have a place on the homepage along with more content to choose. We will continue to track and watch our data, we've been discussing ways to get the blog back in a more prominent place. I hope you do enjoy the new design even if you don't like the scrolling :)

Posted on by James Webb.

This is Great advice Katelyn. I recently redesigned my site with an expensive WP platform at http://onlinecnanursingclass es.com. I did it for the same reasons. I wanted a better user experience and also increase leads. It did in fact do that. I don't think many people anticipate fully the benefits of a redesign, or the problems for that matter. I keep telling myself to that Drupal is going to be on the site soon. LOL. I am actually going to try it out very soon on a new site. Thanks for the great article. you are definitely making me think a full switch to Drupal.

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