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8 Digital Marketing Masters You Must Follow on Twitter Right Now

Are you following these marketing experts on Twitter? If not, you’re missing out on some great content from the smartest people in the marketing biz.

Follow @chiefmartec
What does often tweet about? The intersection of technology and marketing.
Sample tweet CMO of GE: "If you came into marketing because you didn't like numbers, then you don't have much of a future." http://t.co/QVq28yfNCu #CMO

Follow @mvolpe
What does often tweet about? Inbound marketing.
Sample tweet Inbound marketing will increase from ~50% of lead gen to over 70% by 2015" says Meta Karagianni of @SiriusDecisions at #b2bnl

Follow @karenmcgrane
What does she often tweet about? Content strategy (and on occasion - DRUPAL!)
Sample tweet Google says 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work, in case you want to argue with me about "mobile context." http://t.co/g86XYwPI51

Follow @randfish
What does he often tweet about? Search Engine Optimization.
Sample tweet Ours is an era of authenticity. As marketers, we must atone for the sins of our predecessors & build brands worthy of our customers' love.

Follow @copyblogger
What does he often tweet about? Writing copy that converts.
Sample tweet How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic - http://t.co/EUWQZ4VzVj

Follow @jchernov
What does he often tweet about? Content marketing
Sample tweet The Most Valuable Lesson a B2B Marketer Will Ever Learn http://t.co/WjCNc6pIkk

Follow @avinash
What does he often tweet about? Web analytics
Sample tweet Intelligence has much less practical application than you'd think." Why? http://t.co/LJUbP4Z4RI #insights

Follow @unmarketing
What does he often tweet about? Doing real marketing that matters.
Sample tweet Science says the best time/day to blog is when the content is of great value to your readers, not because it's Tuesday.

Of course, you should follow me, mainly because I share a lot of great content from these experts and more. Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments


Posted on by Derek Peplau.

I'd also add Mark Schaefer to this list: https://twitter.com/markwscha efer

Consistently great blog posts on a wide variety of marketing topics.

Posted on by Mike Volpe (not verified).

Very flattered. Rand is smarter than me. Joe is better looking. Scott is much funnier. Not sure how I made the list, but quite happy to be here!

Posted on by Ted N.A. (not verified).

I'd also recommend Rafael Neaime, who runs a marketing firm that specializes in promoting international products & services in the Brazilian marketplace. Lots of great tips, inspirational quotes, and funny memes!
His firm's twitter, with the same type of content: https://twitter.com/BiziilCom

Posted on by Kevin Gabriel J... (not verified).

Thanks for the information provided. Will follow this right away.

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