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Screencasts - Install and Update Acquia Drupal from SVN

Watch these videos to see how to install Acquia Drupal from the Subversion repository and then how simple it is to do clean and fast updates to your SVN-enabled Drupal website.

More information on installation and use of the Acquia Drupal SVN repository can be found in Acquia's SVN documentation.


Posted on by Omer Altay (not verified).

Thank you for the detailed instructional videos :). I feel that every major script should come with one of these (videos), because documentation is so web 1.0, web 2.0 demands that an instructional video be included with all scripts.

My name is Omer Altay, and I'm a fan of Free MMORPG Games. I'm also a Libertarian Politically and my favorite CMS is Wordpress. Drupal is a close second. I know basic PHP, HTML and CSS. I'm here to learn more about Drupal

Posted on by robertjohn47 (not verified).

Well…the videos are good to see, the instructions are fine, but can these videos be downloaded and saved? Will be of great help if you please respond, because that way I’ll be able to show these to some of my friends easily, who don’t have access to internet.

Posted on by Jeffrey McGuire.

You can see them here and on blip.tv. You can also embed them in your own sites using code from the blip.tv pages, but unfortunately, these are not available for download at this time.