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Drupal at San Fransico State University, presentation to students and staff

Last year I met Sameer Verma, a professor of Information Systems at San Francisco State University. I was immediately intrigued by his class which involves giving business students the job of building an online business using Drupal. The students are required to vet and justify each contributed module and how it helps users and the business.

A few weeks ago I was asked to present to students, staff, and faculty about the Drupal project.

Kieran Lal speaks at SF State from Sameer Verma on Vimeo.

The talk went well enough that the information management students association agreed to host Drupal Camp San Francisco. If you are looking to do a Drupal camp, try offering to speak at your local higher education institution.


Posted on by Greg Knaddison.

Well done - great presentation.

You mentioned the number of users on some of the sites. We will very soon have a site with over three million users, who actively comment and vote on articles. Drupal is already acting as the backend for the social features of the site and increasingly taking over as we migrate bit-by-bit. I imagine we'll have more complete migration later this summer or fall to the point that we can say "Drupal handles the 3,000,000 users" and all that goes with it.

Posted on by BryanSD (not verified).

Great presentation Kieran. Giving lectures to business students on information systems is a difficult subject. Some students need to hear the technical aspects while some students want to just look at the technology from a management perspective.

Was there time for any significant question/answers session? What kind of questions did they ask?


Posted on by Kieran Lal.

Hi Bryan, I know one of the questions from the audience was what is Acquia doing regarding hosting. I briefly spoke to what is addressed here: http:/ /acquia.com/community/projects/acquia-2009-roadmap

I can't remember the questions off camera, right now, but I'll ask my hosts and see if they remember.


Posted on by Omer Altay (not verified).

Great presentation Kieran. I found your statement about the total number of Drupal websites to be low, but many of them are million+ user websites. Now that's fascinating, because I Know wordpress boasts millions of websites on its platform, but I don't think nearly as many of them (percentage wise) are as big as drupal sites, which leads me to conclude that Drupal may be a better platform for larger websites.

My name is Omer Altay and I'm a fan of Free MMORPG Games. I'm also a Libertarian Politically and my favorite CMS is Wordpress. Drupal is a close second. I know basic HTML, CSS and PHP. I'm here to learn more about Drupal.