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Introducing Drupal Commons 3.0!

Today we launched Drupal Commons 3.0, a flagship release of Acquia's social business software solution now available for Drupal 7. This release builds on Acquia's OpenWEM initiative offering a set of customer experience solutions built on the open, unified Drupal platform for content, community, and commerce.

We believe this is a significant milestone in the evolution of both Drupal Commons and the greater Social Business Software market. We've already received excellent feedback from both partners and customers throughout our beta program and look forward to helping organizations gain value from the solution. Whether that's getting products to market faster, improving employee productivity, building greater customer advocacy, or even infusing social strategies into customer service and social shopping experiences. To dive right in, feel free to view a full slate of demo featurette videos or even download the new release and take it for a test drive here.

New User Experience in Drupal Commons 3.0

Beyond the intuitive new look and feel for better usability throughout the solution, we're excited to be releasing a host of great new features including:

  • Responsive design templates out of the box for creating optimized mobile community experiences fast.
  • An “active content” system that lets community members engage with popular content, based on comments, likes, and views, without manual moderation by community managers.
  • New groups capabilities that enable community members to join existing groups, or create their own. Members can follow or post content into open groups and quickly find content and participate in community, without additional page loads.
  • Advanced content moderation capabilities that improve community manager productivity by allowing members to report inappropriate content and even assign trusted members privileges to moderate and delete as needed.

If you're unsure whether Drupal Commons might be the right solution for your community needs, I've put together a couple of top 5 checklists to help evaluate if our solution might be the right fit for your organization.

Top 5 reasons why I should consider a social business software or community project?

  1. I have a employee productivity problem, I need to raise the productivity of skilled workers both within and outside of the enterprise.
  2. I want to crowdsource ideas to accelerate innovation and co-create with my ecosystem of stakeholders across customer, partner, or developer communities.
  3. My organization needs to streamline communications and break down the walls that exist between functional and geographic business silos.
  4. My organization needs more participation and conversation beyond corporate boundaries to infuse knowledge and expertise into my organization.
  5. I need to source crisp, real time data from customer insights to inform my product development process, and I need to do it faster and at lower costs.

What are the top 5 reasons I should consider Drupal Commons 3.0 if I'm ready to move on a social business project?

  1. Drupal Commons offers a fully packaged out-of-the-box solution with a user experience that accelerates time to value for Siteowners, Community Managers and Community Members.
  2. Drupal Commons 3.0 is built on Drupal 7, so it offers a unified platform for content, community and commerce for business users to collaborate and then publish to the web within a single interface.
  3. Leading edge Mobile support - community members can connect and participate on their preferred digital platform – anywhere, anytime on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. It’s an Open solution – it’s easy to integrate quickly with complimentary technologies to deliver a complete packaged digital marketing solution
  5. Offers faster time to market via rapid prototyping and access to skilled developers which leads to better payback times and ROI on all your social business projects.

Enjoy the new release and let us know what you think!

Request a live demo of Drupal Commons 3 today!


Posted on by pepperstreet.de (not verified).

Congrats and many thanks for your big efforts on this! I guess, it was a big challenge to re-build the "D6 beast" ;-) Your email notice brought a big grin into my face. Can´t wait to get my hands on it... just need some more sparetime.

Posted on by pepperstreet (not verified).

It took a long time to get a first look into your new release. Finally I had the time... but i am really surprised about the differences. I wonder why it was released in this "shape" as v3. Don´t get me wrong, I appreciate your efforts and the port on D7... responsiveness is great, but it lacks all those social features: PMS, Points, Activity etc. Currently it focuses on groups only. Are there plans to integrate and rebuild the v2 functionalities in v3? Or is it up to the user to add social and media features?

Thanks in advance.

Posted on by pepperstreet.de (not verified).

Hello again,
i remember there was a discussion on Commons2 community site about galleries. As always, there are thousand ways, solutions and possible integrations... Did something change in Commons3 in regards of build-in features? I mean, something related to user/group image galleries? Thanks in advance.

Posted on by Dirk Hacker.

I do not see how or where these items are incorporated into Commons 3, as they were in Commons 2.

As users often want to communicate briefly and temporarily without creating nodes how do they accomplish this?

Posted on by Ezra Barnett Gi....

The general plan for "status update" types of messages in Commons 3.0 is to make enhancements to the creation form and display of the "Post" content type. You can follow any development progress on this feature in the feature request in the public Commons issue queue.

Several options exist for user-to-user private messaging. One option is to use the Drupal Core user contact form to send emails from user to user. Another is to add the Private Message module to your Commons 3.x site.

Posted on by Karen Utzeri.

Nice product, shame that after installing it, there are many open bugs that make it unusable software.

Posted on by John Carione.

Thanks for your feedback, we plan to release 3.x this month with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Posted on by Ezra Barnett Gi....

Hi Karen - I invite you to provide specific feedback directly to the Commons team in the public issue queue so that we can improve the product.

We regularly do user experience testing on Commons and make enhancements based on the results of those tests and user feedback, so it would be great to include your feedback in that process.

Posted on by jet (not verified).

nice software but where is the proper start-up documentation ? found some legacy docs at https://docs.ac quia.com/commons/legacy/features and others are all broken links as googled.

Posted on by John Carione.

Thanks for your feedback, we are currently working on fixing the links. Here is the link to the new documentation in the interim. https://docs.acquia.com/commons

Posted on by jet (not verified).

I don't notice any docs for Commons 3.0 at https://docs.acquia.com/commons , I mean the basic start-up guides & procedures, tks

Posted on by Alex Hill.

Really great product but it was frustrating trying to get past the initial setup bugs. Some more substantial documentation would be a help.

Posted on by peter parker.

We thank you for improving drupal in a very short time. I haven’t tried out that one yet. Drupal7 is good. The response time is much better. I am currently testing Responsiveness of Images and Effects in Drupal for a respected software company in US. The new version seems to be pretty good. Check my link…
<a href="http://www.microsoftoffi cehelps.com/microsoft-support/tips-to-enable-ema... code microsoft</a>

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