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Check out our newest theme Acquia Slate

Our friends at TopNotchThemes have built a second theme for Acquia Drupal, our distribution of Drupal, and we've released it as a project on Drupal.org.  Called Acquia Slate, it is a flexible, configurable Drupal theme with a somewhat corporate look and feel.

Just like our Acquia Marina theme, also a TopNotchThemes product, Acquia Slate is available as a free GPL-licensed download directly from its project page.

According to the Drupal.org usage statistics, more than 5,000 Drupal sites are using Acquia Marina, making it one of the top three most popular themes on drupal.org!  A lot of effort went into Acquia Slate -- it's clean, well-documented, easy to adapt and very flexible.

It includes a configurable front page layout with a custom image and translucent menu overlay. You can quickly add you own images to the front page with a small CSS tweak and they are working on a banner image switcher to change images without any coding at all. It also has expandable graphical buttons and is cross-browser compatible.

Try it out.


Posted on by mcpdigital (not verified).

Great theme ! Very good design !

Posted on by tronathan (not verified).

Can the Slate theme be subthemed like zen, to take advantage of all the value-adding goodness that has been added to the Theme UI by Acquia?