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Thrilled to be here

So after 15 years leading several great engineering teams in the IP PBX industry I got a call. A start-up called Acquia was working on being the "Red Hat" of the Open Source Drupal project, and looking for someone to manage engineering using the Scrum / Agile process. While I never heard of Drupal, it was worth a look since Scrum is a passion of mine, and I believe the Red Hat model makes sense.

After downloading Drupal, I created a small site and spent a few days reading posts on d.o. while my jaw slowly dropped to the floor. I was b-l-o-w-n away by Drupal's extensibility as a platform, the immense & vibrant community, the thousands of modules that offered nearly every social publishing feature, the solid engineering patterns Drupal is built on, the commitment to refactoring and improvement, and frankly, the size of the opportunity to help. To help eliminate the points of Drupal pain that I (and many others) experienced as a newb; to help make Drupal an easy decision for small and large companies that require commercial support; to help a grow a start up and cooperate with a thriving open source community.

15(!) Acquia interviews later, I wrapped up my old job, took a week off for my newborn son, and on Acquia day 1 flew to Drupalcon Szeged. Besides meeting the rest of our distributed engineering team, I spoke with many passionate drupalistas; drank from the fire hose of Drupal knowledge sharing; and soaked up the incredible community energy. Today, after my 8th day in the office I am able to come up for air (drenched from the fire hose) to say I am thrilled to be here, and I firmly believe Drupal is on the cusp of world domination.

In future posts, I'll share some of my favorite Scrum and Agile resources, thoughts on team productivity, and how Acquia's engineering team stays engaged and committed to the community. In the mean time feel free to drop me a line about engineering best practices, what makes great documentation, tennis (go Federer!), or tips on raising two small boys.


Posted on by jwhatcott Whatcott.

Welcome aboard!

Posted on by Pat Teglia (not verified).

Well, it sounds like Acquia made a great pick, and that you have an exciting future ahead of you with one of the best start-ups I have ever seen.

Congratulations on your new baby boy, and your new job!

I look forward to hearing more.


Posted on by jpetso (not verified).

> 15(!) Acquia interviews later, (...)

Wow... they must be really picky :P

Posted on by Victor Kane (not verified).

Good luck!

I am fascinated and impressed by the seriousness by which Acquia recognizes that process engineering is part and parcel of preparing Drupal as a set of reusable components, and so takes a truly engineering approach to the problem.

Looking forward to seeing how the agile process and approach are married to Drupal architecture and extensibility in Acquia offerings.

Victor Kane

Posted on by julien_marboutin (not verified).

You re welcome to share with us on :
http://groups.drupal .org/projectManagement