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Drupal.org redesign keynote presentation video by the re-design team

The first 13:45 is Szeged conference logistics, so you will want to forward to get to the beginning of the keynote.

If you are interested in participating in the re-design please join the redesign group.


Posted on by Good Submission (not verified).

well... nice presentation ... it took so long to download this video(295.3mb)...:(

Posted on by Stephanie Pakrul.

*laughs* Wow... typing in URLs... so true!

Can't wait to start seeing more about this and hopefully getting involved.

Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Not overly impressed by the two sites he mentioned, but I suppose either way it will really come down to what they do for Drupal. Good luck!

Posted on by Berta Berlin (not verified).

A very geeky event...
Thanks for the insight - and I am actively waiting for next results of the redesign process :-)
Imho Drupal.org isn't that bad (just not hype), hope it's not getting worse in terms of usage!

Posted on by brunodbo (not verified).

During the redesign keynote in Szeged, a form was passed around where everyone could fill in whether and how they wanted to be involved in the redesign process. Would it be possible to make that available on line? Thanks!