What is Drupal 8?

What Is Drupal 8

What is Drupal 8? Drupal 8 is the newest version of Drupal, an open source content management system that is used to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. Drupal 8 brings many new and exciting features, and no matter what your role, Drupal 8 has something for any user to love.

The newest version of Drupal brings over 200 new capabilities that can be deployed on the Acquia Platform. Drupal 8’s newest features include:

  • Simplified content authoring experience: no matter the device, create and update content quickly and easily
  • Responsive by nature: Drupal 8 uses a mobile-first strategy, so content is dynamic across any device
  • API-driven content approach: Publish content once and pull it in to any application or device
  • Stay connected, easily: Drupal integrates seamlessly with any technologies your organization may be using, such as marketing automation or CRM platforms

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