Website Compliance Best Practice

Let Acquia Help You With Website Security Compliance

You work hard to provide your customers with the best digital experience possible. However, website performance shouldn’t be your only concern. You should also be aware of the best practices for keeping your website compliant with today’s security standards. Drupal, an open-source platform, is safer than proprietary content management systems.

Because Drupal is open-source software, thousands of coders are all working together to close any security flaws, fixing any security issues faster. Why use a proprietary system and rely on a small number of people to keep your site safe?

Acquia, built on Drupal, improves the security advantage by:

  • Patching and maintaining all server components
  • Preparing security updates with remote administration
  • Recommending best practices and configuration hardening for Drupal applications
  • Managing all vulnerabilities on our platform through a tightly managed, continuous workflow

Read more about how Acquia and the Drupal Platform employ best practices for security and website compliance. Download our free eBook on Drupal Security today.