Secure Cms

Acquia Provides the Most Secure Cms

Unfortunately, we are living in the age of hackers, which means it is more important than ever to protect your business with a trusted and secure CMS. At Acquia we believe that security is more than an item to check off your to-do list; it’s a frame of mind. Our commitment to your security in this evolving landscape of security threats is unparalleled.

Acquia has invested in the technology, expertise, financial resources, and collaboration necessary to create a robust and secure platform. We offer a variety of complimentary security products and services, and our people, technology, and processes are always available. We routinely invite third party compliance auditors to validate the robustness of our security program.

Experience the layers of Acquia security:

  • Security through Design- including multiple layers of firewall, vulnerability management, security incident response, and backup
  • Security through Standards-  SOC 1, SOC2, HIPPA, FERPA, and others
  • Security through Innovation- Acquia Cloud Shield, Acquia Cloud Edge Protect, Acquia Cloud Edge CDN, and the Acquia Cloud VPC Family

Acquia is compliant with industry security standards, and provides the most secure CMS on the market. Read our white paper on Drupal security today to learn more about Acquia security and how we can protect your business.