Open Source Project Management

Open Source Project Management

In today’s digital market, customers’ growing expectations can lead businesses to an organizational struggle. You rely on digital properties to manage customer experiences, but pressure and the pace of innovation can slow you down. You need a flexible open source software to help you deliver the consistent, engaging digital experiences your customers crave. Acquia and the Drupal Platform are your solution to successful open source project management.

Drupal powers over one million websites worldwide, and is one of the world’s largest and most successful open source software platforms. Businesses can use Drupal to develop flexible and engaging web experiences that will turn first-time shoppers into lifelong, loyal customers. With Drupal, there is no need to tie yourself to a vendor’s roadmap of features and functionality.

Acquia and Drupal guides users in:

  • Introducing new digital capabilities faster
  • Managing large-scale web deployments with ease
  • Creating innovative web experiences that deliver real business impact

Explore Acquia and discover how Drupal, our open source project management platform can provide the flexibility and freedom to drive successful digital transformation. Download The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 to learn more about Drupal’s amazing features.