Open Source Ecommerce Cms

Drupal Powers Ecommerce Success

When marketing and commerce teams try and work together to build a content-rich website, they can unintentionally create a divide. As eCommerce businesses grow, marketing teams can struggle to keep up. Acquia is the digital experience company that will bridge that divide and meet your eCommerce demands with Drupal, our open source eCommerce CMS.

Drupal is the first CMS platform of its kind to unify community, content, and commerce successfully. Drupal is the chosen platform for over 1.5 million websites worldwide, including popular clothing company Gap.

As Rachel Tipograph of Gap explains, “Consumers are no longer looking for shopping experiences that are distinctly separate. Today, consumers are looking to shop within content.” With Acquia’s proven agility, resiliency, and integration power, you can easily stay ahead of the ever-changing web.

Forrester has created a whitepaper outlining specific issues organizations face when combining content and commerce, including:

  • How conversion is positively impacted by a unified collaboration strategy
  • Why leadership within an organization may believe things are fine, but they aren’t
  • How content differentiation creates commerce winners

Read a free copy of the Forrester whitepaper, Bridge the Content Commerce Divide and learn more about how Acquia and Drupal can power your open source ecommerce success.