Mobile Web Development

Enhance Your Mobile Web Development With Mobile First Drupal

Consumer usage of mobile devices has drastically increased in recent years, making mobile web development a priority for innovative organizations striving to meet customer expectations. Acquia can meet these expectations and more with our open source Drupal platform.

Drupal is “mobile first,” enabling organizations to deliver engaging content and experiences to a fast-growing, device-centric population. Princess Cruises in an example of successful web development and deployment using Drupal. With Drupal’s powerful tools, Princess Cruises developed a mobile app, [email protected], which connects passengers with daily itineraries, activities, menus, and more.

Features of a Drupal Mobile app can include:

  • Quick and easy start-up
  • Real time updates
  • Adaptation based on user preferences and interests
  • Enhanced consumer experiences
  • Ability to easily build on the app in the future

Learn more about the functionality of Drupal and how it can enhance your mobile web development. Watch this informative video on how Drupal connects passengers and crew members on Princess Cruises, and see the mobile app in action.