Get More Out of Your Drupal Managed Hosting with Acquia Cloud

Drupal Managed Hosting

When it comes to Drupal managed hosting, Acquia Cloud is the premier cloud platform for Drupal. Acquia Cloud is used by some of the world’s biggest and best Drupal sites, and gives a highly secure and performance-tuned environment for delivering content and applications powered by Drupal.

Acquia Cloud is built to accelerate the build-test-deploy cycle for Drupal applications. Request a demo today to see Acquia Cloud in action. Some key capabilities of Acquia Cloud include:

  • Separate but identical dev, staging and production environments, with the option to create custom environments
  • Drag-and-drop deployment of files, code, and databases across environments
  • Cloud hooks and Cloud APIs
  • Security and performance monitoring and analysis
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Local development with Acquia Dev Desktop
  • Log streaming in real-time
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting dashboard

Want to try out the best Drupal managed hosting platform before seeing it in action? Check out Acquia Cloud Free.