Learn To Improve Site Performance For Your Drupal Development Company

Drupal Development Company

Is your Drupal development company looking to improve site performance? Reach out to Acquia's Professional Services Team for advice! Acquia's team of experts can help your team with best practice approaches. We also have a great video that is used to present site builders with the tools and knowledge to improve the performance of their web sites without touching PHP or the command line. Some think Drupal site performance improvement is for developers and DevOps folks. However, a lot of Drupal websites are already created by site builders, using flexible Drupal modules instead of custom code.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Why Drupal's built-in caching helps your site perform well
  • How to fix potential performance issues with your site
  • Utilize the performance capabilities of Acquia Cloud
  • Improve site's performance using additional modules and services