Digital Marketing Optimization

Learn, test, target and convert

Digital marketing optimization takes many different forms. Optimizing a web property for lead conversion is one of the main goals of a digital marketer.

Digital marketing optimization requires strong analytical capabilities to sort through how users interact with marketing campaigns and web properties.

However, once a trend is identified and there is a clear area needed for optimization, how does a digital marketer actually optimize their site for user experience and conversion?

Testing and personalization are great ways to improve digital marketing optimization. Acquia Lift enables a digital marketer to:

  • Optimize their users’ digital experience by unifying customer data across all channels
  • Test offers and content with more than just a blind guess
  • Get an exceptional profile of web users and the tools to act by using targeted content

Read this eBook on how Acquia's personalization tools enable digital marketers to optimize their digital experiences with identification, contextualization, and targeting.