Customer Engagement Marketing

Acquia Lift Provides Powerful Tools for Success

With the prevalence of online shopping, today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. Businesses need to stay at the top of their game to develop customer relationships while selling their products. Acquia Lift provides you with powerful customer engagement marketing tools to build a robust, unified customer profile so you can deliver a personalized digital shopping experience.

With Acquia Lift you can collect and centralize visitor data from your website, as well as other existing marketing technologies and channels, to make your customer data actionable. Connected, unified customer data makes the digital customer experience smarter.

Our eBook: The Acquia Lift Unified Customer Profile and learn:

  • How to cut through massive amounts of data to provide personal experiences when and where the customer needs it
  • The steps to generating a robust, unified customer profile
  • How to make ALL of your collected data actionable

Let Acquia guide you through a successful customer engagement marketing strategy. Learn more about Acquia Lift when you read our eBook: The Acquia Lift Unified Customer Profile.