Cms For Ecommerce

Look to Drupal for Cms For Ecommerce Integration Success

Oftentimes commerce and marketing teams try to work together, only to create a divide instead. Commerce focuses on the evolving the platform as an online business grows and marketers attempt to keep up. Acquia is a digital experience company with the perfect CMS for ecommerce demands, Drupal.

Drupal is an open source CMS platform, and is the first of its kind to successfully unify content, community, and commerce. Rachel Tipograph, from Gap, explains, “Consumers are no longer looking for shopping experiences that are distinctly separate. Today, consumers are looking to shop within content.” Acquia’s innovative digital platform provides agility, resiliency, and integration, empowering organizations to move with the ever-changing web.

Forrester highlights common issues of a commerce/content divide:

  • How the “Two-Site Syndrome” can leave revenue on the table
  • Why unified collaboration strategy positively impacts conversion
  • Why leadership may think things are fine, but they aren’t
  • How commerce winners are winning with content differentiation

Download your complimentary copy of the white paper, Forrester: Bridge the Content Commerce Divide to learn more about how Drupal can be your CMS for ecommerce success.