Seeking the curious, the extraordinary, the students who want to go above and beyond to make cool things, have an impact, and have some fun while doing it! As our core DNA says, we are committed to awesome and this includes providing awesome experiences for our interns, co-ops, and recent graduates!


Awesome Internships and


College students. Period.


There is no such thing as a boring internship here – and you are not allowed to get us coffee! Each student is integrated and onboarded as part of our team, with your own work and deliverables. We want you to do something meaningful!


Spring, Summer, and Fall. We hire interns all year round.


We hire interns and co-ops in all our offices, in all departments and performing all functions of the company.


Because students are awesome! We love having them here, and we know you will love it, too. We offer a summer event series that includes networking, learning, social, and volunteer events designed to help you get the true Acquia experience and try us out for a full time career!

Awesome Career Launch Program



Recent Grads!


From developers and engineers to marketers to business development representatives, we want you to come with your enthusiasm and ideas, because we have plenty of work for you. We will then bring the group of recent grads from across the company together on a regular basis to gain professional development, network, and help prepare you for a successful career at Acquia.


We hire most of our recent grads in June. Also a few in December.


We hire awesome recent grads across the world. While most of our opportunities are in our Boston, MA office, there are also several in Portland, OR, Reading, UK, Australia, India, and elsewhere!


Because we are growing and we love bringing in innovative minds like you!
I've been with Acquia for a year now and let me tell you, it was quite the journey. From being a User Experience (UX) intern in Products to a Ubie in AcquiaU to a Growth & Conversion Specialist in Marketing, I'm just steps away from taking over the company! Being surrounded by intelligent, passionate, and hard working people is why I'm still here today. I'm constantly learning and being challenged. This is outside of my comfort zone, but being out there is the only way for me to realize my potential.
Doris Wong
Conversion Specialist, Digital Marketing
University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA Psychology

How do I get in on this awesome opportunity?

Take a look at our open internship opportunities and submit your resume if you see a fit!

I was attracted to a job at Acquia for several reasons. Initially I loved the idea of being able to join a fast-paced startup company in the greater Boston area. Since I joined last September we have continued our rapid growth, adding over 100+ employees and moving to a huge office in the city. Once I started working here, I also realized how the culture is one of a kind. Our whole ISR/BDR team are great people committed to driving continued growth and recognition of the Acquia brand. Our team managers are also by far the best I have ever had in a job, including three co-ops while at NU. I couldn't be more excited for my future at this company!
Joe Savoia
Business Development Representative
Northeastern University
BS Finance 2014

How to land the job

Woo hoo! Congrats on applying for one of our awesome positions - you have made a great choice! (and if you haven’ should go to our Online Application right now! ) If you have applied through our website - you are all set, nothing more you need to do.


Here are a few tips to help you understand our intern and new grad hiring process:

The Interview

We will take a peek at the resume you submitted - if we think it’s a fit, we will reach out for an initial phone interview with either the recruiter or the hiring manager. From there, each role is different. We will likely schedule you for a few more phone interviews, or may ask for a video call or even for you to come in to meet with us - just depends on the role.

Here are tips on how to wow us with your awesome skills!

  • Do a little research on us - get an understanding  of what we do, what Drupal is, and how your position fits into our mission.
  • Ask us questions in the interview - you are evaluating us as much as we are evaluating you.
  • Be honest with us - no problem if you don’t have all the experience we are looking for - we will teach you!
  • And then there’s all the stuff your university career center will tell you about (what to wear, how to follow up, not to chew gum...)- listen to them!

And here is what you shouldn't do:

  • Be rude - no rude people at Acquia
  • Put your feet on our desks ( don’t laugh - we have seen it happen! )
  • Be anything other than yourself!

The Offer!

If all goes well and you are our superstar, we will make you an offer!
We may also ask for some references, and we always do a background check.

And then....
we can't wait for you to join us!