Thomas Erickson

Thomas Erickson

Former Acquia CEO, board member

Tom is a founding director of Acquia, who worked with co-founders Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson to develop the company’s open source commercialisation model and recruit the early team members during 2008. Tom joined Acquia as CEO in 2009, following the sale of Tele Atlas to TomTom, where he had been chief products officer.

As he had done throughout a 30-plus-year career in enterprise software, Tom was focused on driving customer success and business strategy at Acquia. Tom also led the unique blending of open source, digital agency and enterprise software backgrounds, fostering a culture which he perpetuated through extensive travel to the 11 countries and five U.S. offices from which Acquia operated.

At Acquia, Tom guided the company to exponential growth based on a fanatical commitment to customers. Deloitte named Acquia the fastest growing private company in their 2013 Technology Fast 500. In 2012, Acquia was named the fastest growing software company in the U.S. in the Inc 500 list of private companies and received the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Private Company of the Year award. Prior to Tele Atlas, Tom was the CEO of SOA governance leader Systinet, where revenue grew 5x in the 18 months prior to the sale of the company to Mercury Interactive. Tom led webMethods’ international growth from 2000-2004 at a CAGR of 90 percent in what was arguably one of the toughest periods for enterprise software ever.

Tom began his career in technical roles after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering. He has spent 14 years of his career living in Australia, England, and France. 

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I first met Dries Buytaert in the summer of 2007. Michael Skok, who was incubating the company, persuaded me to take a board seat at a new company in the process of being formed by Jay Batson and Dries.