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Acquia Cloud is switching to a new and improved user interface; one that’s more modern, faster, and features a responsive user interface meant to improve a customer's user experience.

In the Acquia Lift’s user interface the Decision API is the place that rules are built. A/B test for rules are then stored in the Decision API so when a visitor comes to a website, what you want them to see, per the rules you’ve built, is displayed.

While Drupal 8.0 and 8.1 shipped with just two workflow states (Published and Unpublished), Drupal 8.2 (with the the experimental Content moderation module) ships with three: Published, Draft, and Archived.

A conversation about radio industry digital experiences with the Emmis Communications digital team, Jeffrey Thacker and Tat Wza during Acquia Engage.

Just because the cloud is out of your control and not under your roof doesn’t mean it’s completely out of your control. Having confidence in the security of one's cloud is paramount.