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When you begin the process of redesigning your brand’s website to keep up with current marketing technology and trends, you first need to audit your data, content, UX, SEO, demand generation, operation, and your software needs.

Acquia is ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We believe GDPR is an important step forward in harmonizing the current disparate data protection requirements across the member states of the European Union.

This series showcases women's contributions to the open source Drupal community and their journeys in the technology industry. In this installment, we focus on Tara King (sparkingrobots) to learn more about the move from site builder to back-end developer and the label of pink collar label.

Using a combination of Slack, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, external drives, duct tape, institutional memory, and sheer luck to get your digital content from point A to point B on a daily basis is a recipe for disaster. Acquia DAM can help.

Few changes are more wrenching than a wholesale replatforming and redesign of an organization’s websites and other digital content solutions at the heart of most marketing technology stacks. Acquia’s move to Drupal 8 was no exception.