Why I Wouldn't Miss Engage Europe

Why I Wouldn't Miss Engage Europe: Where Developers, Marketing, and IT Professionals Will Assemble in June

I’ll start this post imagining you’ve seen one of our communications about the Acquia Engage event taking place in London on 17-18 June. For those of you who haven’t registered for the event already, I thought I'd offer my point of view as a past Engage Europe participant on why it’s worth your time.

Drupal has activated and energized one of the most interesting and powerful communities on the planet. When combined with the Acquia community, you experience a unique fusion of developers, IT professionals, and marketers together in one room – all united with a common purpose.

As someone who has attended dozens and dozens of conferences myself, I can attest that this doesn’t just happen anywhere. Given the emerging market obsession on providing the best customer experience possible, I’d argue there’s no better time for these three groups to share ideas and understand one another’s perspective in one place.

So, What is Acquia Engage?

If you haven’t attended any of our events before, Engage is an event where leaders in digital gather to share insights, revelations, and lessons learned from their own quest to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. The focus is not only on inspiring leaders with innovation and product updates, but also with tactical advice in breakout sessions to empower these leaders to help their brands win in the competitive digital ecosystem. The people who attend Engage tend to act as catalysts within their respective companies – working to help their brands win at digital.

At last year’s inaugural Acquia Engage Europe event, we were (naturally) very focused on ensuring that partners and attendees would feel they were taking away true value — different from what they might from other events.

As you can imagine, there was certainly a focus here internally on how Engage would be received. Would partners and attendees all feel they'd gotten the value out of it that they'd expected?

But as a highly successful event was winding down, I remember thinking something else – about how unique and special it was to have this mix of developers, IT operators, and marketers in the same room … talking, connecting, and “engaging” in a collaborative – not competitive – fashion.

When we gather this June, "Optimise the Journey" will serve as our high-level theme. As such, the team has organized a strong agenda, chock full of experts and innovators primed to facilitate an exchange of powerful ideas on how you leverage tools, resources, and channels to better assist and respond to customers in more efficient ways. More on that agenda in a moment – but let's take a look at why staying up-to-date on fresh ideas is so important.

We Are Living in the Experience Economy

Customer experience is driving the decision making, budgeting, and resourcing in today’s leading digital organizations. Those customers have sky high expectations. They not only demand personalization but expect engaging, comprehensive, cross-channel experiences.

At Acquia, we’ve optimized our solution portfolio to meet this need. While Drupal and cloud hosting are still important, we’ve invested heavily in our website personalization tool Acquia Lift. We’ve also just recently acquired Mautic, the world’s only open marketing cloud, to better meet the requirements of today’s experience economy.

With CX making the difference between thriving or simply surviving in your competitive market, it's important to stay current with all the latest CX-related trends and ideas. At Engage Europe you’ll hear from digital evangelists across multiple industries and from Acquia’s leaders – including Founder and CTO Dries Buytaert, on how Acquia will respond to upcoming challenges.

Join Us At Engage Europe, 2019

Perhaps the best part about Engage is that just like your partnership with Acquia or investment in Drupal, it’s optimized for you. So whether you're in marketing, IT, or leadership – whether you are interested in open source, Drupal, personalization or IT operations – Acquia Engage is the best place for you to learn more.

Don't pass up the opportunity to join us in London on 17-18 June. Register now.

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