Unlocking The Power of Drupal 9 with Acquia CMS Migrate

Today, the Drupal community announced the release of Drupal 9. Learn how Acquia CMS Migrate can help simplify your replatforming to Drupal 9.

Today, the Drupal community is excited to announce the launch of Drupal 9. Many organizations are eager to adopt Drupal 9 because of its new capabilities. Compared to Drupal 8.0, we made many improvements, particularly in the following three areas: ease of use for marketers, ease of maintenance and upgrades for developers, and innovation with headless/decoupled capabilities. 

However, website replatforming projects are often difficult to manage, time-consuming and expensive to do. To solve this problem, Acquia is announcing Acquia CMS Migrate, which will make the process of moving from a non-Drupal CMS to Drupal 9 much easier.

CMS Migrate consists of both software (automation) and some consultancy (human expertise).  The software has pre-built connectors to many CMS platforms. We use these to connect to a non-Drupal site, and automatically migrate content, metadata, files and some configuration to Drupal. We have connectors for Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Bloomreach, Documentum, Oracle Web Center, EPI, Typo 3, Sharepoint, Liferay, SDL, OpenText and others.  During migration, we can help clean up or rationalize your content, by removing duplicate content, dropping unused content, cleaning up file structures and more.

Our goal with Acquia CMS Migrate is to help organizations speed migration and replatforming initiatives so they can unlock the power of Drupal. In addition, Acquia has built tools to ease the migration process from older versions of Drupal to Drupal 9, including the Drupal 9 Deprecation Status tool and the forthcoming Acquia Migration Accelerator. 

Acquia is prepared to help organizations start building, managing and optimizing their Drupal 9 sites today. Existing solutions such as Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Site Studio and Remote IDE are Drupal 9-ready. 

Although it’s something we never could have predicted, Drupal 9 launches at a time where nearly every organization is prioritizing digital transformation. It's been incredible to see how the Drupal community rallied during a difficult time to make today’s launch possible.

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