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Support Team Marks 100,000 Engagement Milestone

One of the main drivers in the founding of Acquia was to support organizations that wanted to use what was then a relatively new technology called Drupal. So it meant a lot as the customer solutions team recently hit the milestone of successfully completing 100,000 support engagements.

This is a particularly rewarding number because it represents the thousands of times we’ve been able to successfully help Drupal users meet the challenge of managing and scaling their sites.

Our customers, including some of the world’s leading Drupal users, are on the cutting edge of technology. Their sites serve the communities at institutions ranging from ivy league schools to global brands to top media outlets, so many of them are constantly innovating and creating game-changing success with Drupal.

And as Acquia has grown over the years, we have built an extensive technical resource team across customer solutions with a wide array of expertise. We can query the team on any given technical topic and quickly determine who can help out in a given critical support situation. And having those experts available in different time zones around the world ensures that we always have someone on the job, keeping an eye on our customer sites.

But it wasn’t always like this. It was a journey, and still is.

In the beginning, we had a small team that offered support primarily for developers. There was no search or hosting at that time. Eventually, faceted search surfaced as an idea, and then a reality.

What really changed the game for us, though, was the move of many public sector agencies to open source. These customers wanted to be able to deliver campaigns, content and messages to the public without fail and together, we were able to do just that. This success removed questions of Drupal scalability and security for a whole class of enterprise-level customers, and, with that, came a rush of new interest, new challenges, more learning and team growth.

Working with these larger enterprises challenged us, but also allowed us to innovate and drive new services to enhance their use of Drupal. For instance, they did not have the bandwidth to deal with security updates, which fell to the bottom of their lists as they innovated in their respective industries. For these folks, we came up with Remote Administration, a service that allowed us to remotely solve these issues for them.

But it didn’t stop there.

We had customers who faced critical launches and who needed to have support that would be available at any hour. Enter 24/7 support. With this, we strategically expanded into Europe and Australia as we also continued to meet the needs of our customers by developing more tools, Acquia Network, and an improved workflow.

As the customers and their businesses grew, they required more guidance. We started out providing key accounts with a named resource. As we grew along with our customers, we began appointing “primary” support contacts which eventually evolved into our team of Technical Account Managers.

Along the way, we’ve worked with many great customers, including The Grammy’s, Black Friday retailers, and the launch of the 9/11 memorial, as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) public transit tracking website, which we helped keep up and running through Hurricane Sandy.

For us, the customer has always come first. Though that sounds uncomfortably like a sales line, it’s simply the truth. Throughout all of these phases of Acquia’s growth, doing everything we can to ensure the success of our customers has been at the center of our support efforts.

Through the years, we began to see the patterns in our customer’s experiences and challenges. In turn, as we worked to meet these challenges, we developed a large breadth of knowledge and expertise that improved our capability to support them.

Coincidentally, as we reached our support milestone, Drupal.org marked a milestone, too, reaching over one million users. This is just another reminder of how rapidly the Drupal community has continued to grow, and how Acquia has grown along with it.

And the journey isn’t over. We’ll continue to be right there, evolving with the needs and challenges of our customers, empowering them to successfully continue on their digital journey.

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