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Sneak Peek: A Digital Marketer's Guide to #DriesWebcast

In a few weeks Dries, Creator of Drupal and Project Lead and David Aponovich , former Forrester Analyst will be hosting a webinar talking about The Rise of the Experience web. As a digital marketer this topic is very interesting to me because it dives into the future of web content management which is important to me because my team lives and breaths by our CMS. My job as a digital marketer is more than updating content and promotion placement, it’s thinking about the buyers journey and the flow of content on my site. Providing a personalized experience with the right content at the right time for the buyer. I am constantly thinking about ways to be on the cutting edge of web features while making sure the website is helpful and usable by all visitors.

So why am I really excited about this webinar? Check out what I hope to learn:

1) What other companies are doing that I might not be, or need to be thinking about

When you’re trying to emerge victorious in the ever-changing landscape of cutting-edge innovators, there are opportunities that will make or break your brand. There’s a reason, Blockbuster, Polaroid and Tower Records don’t exist anymore: they missed key digital opportunities that resulted in extinction.

2) Why I should change what I’m doing to be better prepared for the long haul

An interesting point to make is that Drupal is at the forefront of what David and Dries are calling the “experience” web. Websites went from being sluggishly coded and setup to moving over to an assembled web presence with the advent of open source technologies. Now, we enter an age of the experience. Are you providing the right content at the right time on the right device in the right language? While that’s a mouthful, we can certainly see that businesses need to change the way they think about the funnel and the buyer, because as with disruption, nothing is constant.

3) See if my website is at risk for disruption, am I ready?

As a digital marketer, playing “follow the leader” simply won’t cut it. Your competition, users and market all move at a pace that is quicker each day. Brands that can keep up emerge as victors while the others become just a lesson learned. What I think will be crucial for me to learn from this webinar is how to be one step ahead and instead of combating digital disruption, find ways to actually lead a massive wave of innovation.

Please join me on Monday Sept 22nd at 1pm EST and if you can’t join sign up and receive an email notification of when the recording is available. Don’t miss out! #drieswebcast

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