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Second Screen is Key to Great Digital Experience

Cross-posted with permission from Digital Disruption

Brands today are engaging with consumers on a rapidly growing number of platforms and devices. Taking the next step in the multiplatform revolution, many have begun engaging with their audience on two platforms simultaneously, add a second screen in order to add new layers of interactivity and interest.

Chief digital officers, or digital strategists with similar responsibilities, are often those being charged with developing this second-screen strategies as part of their responsibility for overall digital strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the brands that are best utilizing the second-screen:


When you think of AMC, I’m sure the Walking Dead comes to mind as a highlight of the network. But aside from the hour or so you spend each week glued to your television set to watch what will happen to the cast next, AMC has been trying to find better ways to engage with audiences on tablets and smartphones and its website to become an extension of the show.

Check out the AMC app below. With it you sign up for show alerts, videos and interviews. You can even turn yourself into a zombie.



New York Times

It’s hard to find people today that want a physical newspaper delivered to their doorstep. This is the challenge for some of the leading news organizations, many of whom thought of themselves as “newspapers” until recently. One company that is leading the way in directly engaging the digital consumer is the New York Times. To help combat disruption, the Times is rolling out an iPhone app called NYT Now, a subscription-based product that allows users to get curated content from Times authors all over the world. Moreover, they're taking a "digital-first" approach to content creation and utilizing devices and social media to help deliver engaging stories.




Starbucks is a brand that has been best known for customer service and the ability to get an “extra-ordinary cup of coffee.” That’s why when the company hired Adam Brotman to serve as chief digital officer, many knew that the in-store experience of going to a Starbucks would be taken to the second screen, primarily the smartphone. Responsible for Starbucks’ core digital businesses, including web, mobile and social media, Brotman has made a big splash as of late. If you’re a Starbucks addict like me, I’m sure you’ve seen their app redesign; actually it’s beautiful.

One of Brotman's key responsibilities at Starbucks is to help make sure the app mirrors the in-store shopping experience. You can shake the app to pay, leave a tip or even make gift purchases without having the physical transaction take place.

photo 11


Like Brotman, many chief digital officers have been tasked with effectively engaging the audience on the second screen because of its ability to reach such a large audience with an immense impact. Second screens will almost certainly be among the topics discussed at the Chief Digital Officer Summit next month in New York City, which will feature CDOs including Perry Hewitt from Harvard, Brian Tilzer of CVS, and Thomas Gewecke of Warner Bros.

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