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Redefining Commerce, February 2015: Suitsupply

To usher in the new year in online commerce, we came up with a list of The Best and Worst Websites of 2014. While sifting through hundreds of sites in pursuit of those featured, we racked up quite a list of favorites which we’ll share in the coming months. This new series - Redefining Commerce - highlights retail brands that are elevating traditional online commerce experiences, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an online retailer, and delivering unparalleled consumer experiences.


Our February pick is the classy, sophisticated Suitsupply.com. They sell high-end mens suits, and offer an equally high-end mens shopping experience. The Suitsupply site has a clean, modern aesthetic with a seamless integration between their content and commerce. They do an amazing job of balancing a minimalistic site layout with visually captivating graphics, so that the user has an engaging experience without all the clutter. Not only is the site user-friendly and easy to navigate, the Suitsupply brand and voice are woven throughout each and every page, making it impossible to tell where the brand experience ends and the commerce experience begins.

Suitsupply shop by look

The navigational layout makes a lot of sense, yet never gives the feeling of a traditional e-commerce site. Their “Shop By Look” feature offers a shoppable lookbook style experience, where users can buy product directly from the pages of beautifully designed content. This feature takes the guesswork out of buying, presenting shoppers with “premade” outfits. Their “MAG” feature is similar, also offering the shoppable content, but with the layout of a digital magazine and the functionality of a powerful commerce engine. The MAG has nicely integrated and on-brand social capabilities - Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter - encouraging users to simultaneously consume inspiring content, share, and shop right from the same page.

Suitsupply online mag

What’s Working:

  • Content-Driven Commerce. Suitsupply’s content enhances the commerce experience throughout the site. On the primary shopping pages, content supports the shopping journey, and while content is king in the MAG section, it’s a seamless add-to-cart if the user desires. There is no delineation between content and commerce -- it’s simply one website that delivers on both simultaneously.
  • Shoppable Lookbooks. The Shop by Look section brings together outfitting and styling tips, and gives the shopper the ability to buy the entire look (or just pieces of it) from one simple page. Beyond just integrating content and commerce, making the content shoppable without having to navigate away is a major win.
  • Social Shopping. Suitsupply effortlessly blends social media with their own original content, making it easy to window-shop through social and share content across platforms.
  • Defined brand imagery and voice. There is a defined and distinctive look and feel across all Suitsupply pages on their own website and throughout their social media. It makes for a strong brand story.

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