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A Recap of Acquia Engage, as told through Twitter

It’s hard to believe only one week ago, I was kicking off Day 2 at Acquia Engage, Acquia’s first conference at the Westin Copley in Boston. We had nearly 500 people attend, a fantastic outcome! Acquia Engage started off with a keynote from Acquia’s own Tom Erickson and Dries Buytaert. Tom shared his digital transformation vision, using examples of Acquia customers who are leading the charge.

After Tom, Dries took the stage and announced ContentDB, Acquia’s latest addition to the Acquia Lift product family. TechCrunch described it well: “Acquia Lift provides a cloud-based data warehouse to collect, store and analyze information from known and unknown customers. The former are customers who provide information about themselves, while the latter are customers who come to your site without providing information, but still leave digital footprints with valuable information."

Later in the day, I was fortunate enough to moderate a customer panel on digital transformation with Ganesh Iyler from Tesla Motors, Michael Fleshman from the BBC, and Eric Black from NBC. The highlight for me was when Ganesh demoed his Tesla iPhone app, where he remotely started his car and set the air conditioning from 3000 miles away - powered by Drupal.

The session track content was *amazing*. I’ve been to lots of tech conferences, and many end up coming off like an extended timeshare presentation, full of thinly-veiled product pitches. While of course we did have some products to show, including ContextDB, we worked really, really hard to make this conference about Acquia’s customers sharing their best practices and advice. I could not be more proud of the speakers we brought to the event and the value of the content they presented. Thanks to *everyone* who spoke at Acquia Engage!

The keynote speakers all did a fantastic job. Thanks to Simon Mainwaring, Kristina Halvorson, James McQuivey, and Ethan Marcotte for their entertaining + inspiring presentations.

Tuesday night was the party. Ok, not really just a party but probably the single best event ever held alongside a tech conference. Seriously. If you were there, you know. Take this tweet from VML’s Martin Coady, my favorite from the conference!

We ended the event with beer maestro Bryan House providing an interactive tutorial on the beer making process. A perfect ending to a perfect conference.

Thanks so much to all the sponsors, especially top sponsors Amazon, Akamai, and VML. Without your support, the event wouldn’t have happened.

So how do we top Acquia Engage? By doing it again in 2015! Stay tuned more more details on the date and location shortly.

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