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ACSF + Lift: Maintaining Brand Consistency and Allowing Individual Identity

This is part three of a four part series on Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia Lift.

Many global enterprises have multiple brands with different levels of recognition, within their organization. For example in the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG), SABMiller is a good example of a global organization that’s been able to deliver cost-effective, cohesive and controlled digital experiences across its entire portfolio of websites by using a single content management system and multisite digital experience management platform.

Before implementing a multisite delivery and management solution, SABMiller let its brand teams locally manage all aspects of website creation, including production, curation and delivery. This sounds organized, until you consider that SABMiller is one of the world’s largest brewers with more than 200 brands across 80 countries. Many of its brands were obtained by mergers and acquisitions, leading to varying technologies and processes in place across the organization.

SABMiller identified a cost savings opportunity to reduce its dependencies on expensive legacy technologies, consolidate its existing systems and improve processes overall. SABMiller needed a single, cost-effective and secure digital platform that could manage all of its digital experiences with a standardized level of control while still allowing their brand teams creative freedom locally.

By using a standard multisite digital management platform like Acquia Cloud Site Factory, companies can create templates that can be as flexible or as locked down as needed. With a single management console to manage all websites on the platform, permissions become easier to control, ensuring that only the proper stakeholders have access to templates and sites, preventing any accidental or unwanted changes.

Similar to companies in the CPG industry, financial services companies also have reasons to maintain brand consistency, while at the same time allowing for individual identity. For example, a financial institution might specialize in 401K plans for its different business customers. Each 401K customer portal will want the same functionality, but might also want to be individually branded for each customer’s organization. Content might vary depending on the customer’s plans and needs, but the structure of the portal might remain the same.

In practice, once you’ve established your site architecture, as well as the look and feel of your site templates, it’s time to build an engaging customer experience. While each brand site might have it’s own messaging and unique content, Acquia Lift serves as the master hub to manage all content within your network. Here, common corporate content can be updated and distributed out to all sites, and unique, relevant content can be repurposed from spoke sites across the network. Then with Acquia Lift, you can easily deliver personalized content in context throughout the buyer’s journey.

Pairing Acquia Lift with a multisite digital experience management platform like Acquia Cloud Site Factory gives you the freedom to create sites beautiful, personalized sites that your customers or prospects will love while maintaining governance and control on the backend.

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