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Acquia Partner Profile: Avionos

At Acquia, our partners are an incredible part of our success. In this series, we’ll be profiling some of our premier partners; showcasing who they are and what they do, in their own words.

For our first partner profile, we spoke with Dan Neiweem, co-founder and principal of Avionos, responsible for the Acquia partnership, customer success, and growing the Avionos brand. Avionos is a digital consulting and cloud services firm focused on delivering outcomes in the relationships that brands have with their connected customers.


Avionos Quick Stats:

  • Founded: Late 2014
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Number of Employees: 30
  • Top Clients: Kellogg Company, American Medical Association, Plantronics, US Cellular
  • Partnerships: Acquia, Adobe, Salesforce, CloudCraze, and others.

What are Avionos’ areas of expertise?

Dan explains; We are vertical/industry agnostic, but we typically work with B2B organizations. Our specialties include digital transformations, eCommerce, CMS and CRM. Our solutions span across marketing, sales, and customer care.

Our team consists of veterans in the digital space who have experience delivering large-scale customer engagement solutions. Through experience, we realized delivering these large-scale solutions is not the best way to drive value for our customers. That’s why we created Avionos; we wanted to focus on driving outcomes with decreased time to value. Through a nimble and iterative approach we’ve seen solutions that:

  • Have launched online experiences 3x faster at ¼ the cost of traditional software
  • Achieved ROI in as little as 6 months
  • Run in the cloud and are fully integrated with existing platforms

What areas are you looking to expand or invest in in the future?

“We’re looking to expand our team rapidly; both geographically and talent-wise. This year, we’re aiming to double our team’s size. We’re also focused on investing heavily in our team to build a brand that is synonymous with digital customer solutions along with being recognized as one of the best places to work.”

When potential clients come to you, what challenges do they need your help to address?

“We see that many of the potential clients that seek our services realize the importance of digital customer engagement, but lack the maturity to engage with their customers in a meaningful way.

Traditionally, management of the customer relationship has been split between distinct groups with separate goals, metrics, and tools. Avionos helps our clients understand the connected nature of the customer relationship/experience. We break down and bridge the silos that prevent a clear understanding of our client’s customers.”

What projects / work are you most proud of?

“We were very proud to be named the 2016 Acquia Partner of the Year for the Americas. One of the projects that went into us being selected for the award was the work we did for the American Medical Association. We are currently implementing the Acquia platform to better enable the AMA to interact with their members through delivering engaging and relevant digital content.

Another project that we’re proud of is the work we did with the Kellogg Company. We implemented a unique custom blend granola solution for their subsidiary, Bear Naked in less than 4 months. With our help, Kelloggs has created a new B2C channel that does not conflict with their current distribution channel and brings them closer to their end consumer. The site allows individuals to explore new flavor combinations using non-GMO verified products and share their creation with their friends. If the 1000+ combinations are too overwhelming then the end user can rely on the curated chef’s blends or Chef Watson by IBM for recommendations.”

What would you say sets your agency apart from your competitors?

“Today’s customers expect a relevant experience when interacting with their brand of choice. This expectation requires companies understand their customers better and break down the internal silos that prevent them from acting on that understanding.

Where some firms see disconnects between business units, we see an opportunity to gain further insights on a client’s customers. For example, Marketing and IT groups might not see eye-to-eye on the ownership of a certain platform. At Avionos, we take pride in bringing these groups together to develop a clear vision and a set of goals that will enable both Marketing and IT to utilize their tools in the most effective way.

The fact that we view the customer experience as a connected experience is a key differentiator for us from our competition. Our solutions span across the different business groups in a given organization. Avionos has the unique ability to get our client’s goals aligned across their organization.”

What is most important to you / what do you value most as an agency?

“I want Avionos to be first on everyone’s list when they’re thinking about partners for digital transformation initiatives. As a young company, we’re constantly evaluating our space in the ecosystem. Our value is always going to focus on delivering quality work for our clients. We’re getting to a point where we want our clients to speak on our behalf about the positive impacts we’ve had for their business.”

Why partner with Acquia?

“Acquia’s open cloud platform is aligned perfectly with our business model. Like Avionos, Acquia has a solid client list that is growing rapidly. Acquia continues to be recognized as a leader in digital experience platforms and Avionos alongside Acquia as they gain further recognition. We’re looking forward to deepening our partnership with Acquia and reserving a space on the list for 2017 Partner of the Year.

Avionos is very privileged to partner with Acquia and we’re looking forward to continued success through our partnership. With combined strengths of the Acquia platform and the Avionos approach, we can add value and deliver positive outcomes that our clients are looking for.”

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