Opening Up: What Does Radical Innovation Mean to You?

Radical innovation can be anything from creating new categories to disrupting entire industries. We asked, what does radical innovation mean to you?

In an era of rapid technological change, businesses that don’t adapt won’t last long. Rather than follow trends, innovative businesses carve a new path and predict where customer preferences will go next. Acquia selected Radical Innovation as the theme of this year’s Engage conference to demonstrate our commitment to help customers create the world’s most ambitious digital experiences. 

Radical innovation can come in many forms, from creating new categories to disrupting organizational processes or transforming the ways entire industries work. To learn more about the importance of being a radical innovator, we asked Acquians, “What does radical innovation mean to you?” 


“A radical innovator is someone who develops something that disrupts their market by changing the economic activity or competitive landscape within that industry. Radical innovators change the status quo within an industry in terms of what is expected by customers.”

- Mariam Ahmad, Senior Director of Digital Marketing


“Radical innovation means that you throw out everything else you did before and start with a clean sheet of paper to get a new or better version of the previous ‘widget’ out there. This requires being agile to obtain the fastest path to market.”

- Jonathan Ziegler, AVP, Americas, Mid-Market Sales 

“I think a radical innovator is someone who's on the edge. They’re someone who's looking at how to continuously build great experiences and make the current customer experience better and better.”

- Lynne Capozzi, CMO


“I believe radical innovation involves a mindset of completely separating yourself from ‘how we've always done things’ and instead focusing on an entirely new mindset and set of solutions for what you're trying to accomplish. Creations like the iPhone, Amazon and Netflix were radical innovations and altered how we live our lives on a daily basis. To dream up something completely new and create products or services for that dream is radical innovation.”

- Rob Shambaugh, Solutions Engineer


“To me a radical innovator is someone who is not constrained by either the past or their own bias. A radical innovator is somebody who is not afraid to disrupt their organization or even their own life.”

- Ron Northcutt, Director of Developer Advocacy 


“Radical innovation means replacing the old system or process with a completely new system or process. Successful innovation will then show an impactful change in current systems or perceptions.” 

- Akshay Hukire, Quality Engineer

“Fundamentally, being a radical innovator means thinking beyond existing boundaries of your organization and existing processes. You need to think holistically about what you're seeking to accomplish in terms of driving the business and the customer experience. Radical innovation is about rethinking how to go to market and taking an outside perspective.”

- Kevin Cochrane, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing 

“Radical innovation is something that you create or discover to help a business become better or more efficient at what they do. That discovery could be related to a functionality of a tool or automation. Or it could be inventing a concept that no one else in the space has thought about yet.” 

- Megha Sahai, Associate Vulnerability Analyst

To see more radical innovation in action, join us at Acquia Engage 2021.

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