Opening Up: Times You Changed Your Mind About a Technology or Service

We asked Acquians to talk about a time they thought a technology or service originally wouldn’t catch on but now is a part of their everyday life. 

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We asked Acquians to talk about a time they thought a technology or service originally wouldn’t catch on but now is a part of their everyday life. 

Today, technology is constantly changing, and brands are adapting their services in order to better fit the needs of their customers. However, while brands are constantly adapting, their customers may not be prepared to change with them. 

We asked Acquians to share times they originally thought some technologies or services today wouldn’t become mainstream but can no longer imagine them not using it in their everyday lives. Here are some of their responses below. 


“In 2013, Samsung announced its first smartwatch. At the time, I thought it was a cool technology, but mostly from a nostalgic way — it reminded me of Inspector Gadget. I was ultimately talked out of buying it then, because why would you want to talk into your wrist? Fast-forward to today, and smartwatches have so many more capabilities than I could ever imagine — more than just telling time and fielding calls. So, it goes without saying that I am now always wearing my smartwatch, using it for everything from fitness tracking to checking texts to controlling other connected smart devices.” 

- Sylvie Tse, Senior Manager, Editorial


“Instagram and Snapchat. I never imagined that people could be engaged so much virtually. Everybody around me had a life when these apps were launched. I never thought people would be so engrossed in the virtual world that they begin creating. I still don't understand how these platforms are successful in engaging and affecting the minds of people to an extent of making/breaking real life relations. But since I have seen this happen multiple times (fights between spouses because of liking/not liking/commenting on a pic, fights between families and friends because of ‘objectionable’ posts).  I believe these virtual platforms have become integral part of the real, physical world.”

 - Saurabh Malpure, Senior Security Engineer


“Online shopping, specially for clothing. However, it still hasn't become a part of my life completely. I still prefer visiting malls to buy clothes. But a lot of people shop online for clothing, especially after the pandemic.”

 - Sandeep Nandal, Staff Software Engineer


“Google Home. Six years ago if you asked me would I ever have something like that intruding on my life and would have said "Hell No!!" But the advent of smart switches and vacuums, locks, home hubs and inexpensive home wide speaker systems made me look into consolidating into one app. Now, it pretty much runs my house and that of my relatives.”

 - Alberto Andrade, Director, Solutions Engineering


“Electric cars. I used to think electric cars wouldn't be easily affordable or would fail miserably due to charging stations being not available or the cars being unreliable. After Tesla was successful, entering the Indian market, and people were waiting in line to buy electric cars, I think it's not long before I might also think of getting an electric car myself.” 

- Abhishek Jain, Software Engineer


“Tablets. I eventually came around because they provide a bigger screen to work on and also the pen tool comes in handy.”

 - Arpit Thool, Associate Software Engineer


“Slack! In the initial days, I found it hard to migrate to this new tool. But later on it became part of everyday life.”

 - Avinash Pathak, Staff Machine Learning Engineer


“I think online shopping is one of them. I never thought I would be able to trust any product by only seeing its images on websites. But online shopping gain trust by adding COD, return policies, buy-and-try policies, door-to-door delivery, etc.”
 - Shashank Singh, Senior Software Developer

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