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Module Development Kickstart Presentation

Yesterday (March 4th) Gábor Hojtsy and I presented a Drupal Module Development Kickstart session at Druplcon DC.

This session was part of the "Launch Pad" series of presentations for newcomers to Drupal. While this session required a little bit of PHP knowledge, our goal was to share easy ways to get started with module development, highlighting how a small module can make very useful customizations and alterations to Drupal's behavior by responding to hooks without altering any of the code in Drupal core (don't hack core!). We presented several case studies covering basic hooks, as well as showing how to find hooks in contributed modules and a list of other resources. Drupal code might look intimidating at first, but you'll learn that starting off your first modules is a breeze.

One point we emphasized in this presentation is that you should try to solve your site-building needs as much as possible with Drupal core and well-maintained contributed module. If you can get 95% of the way to your goal, a small custom module can change a few behaviors or add a little more functionality to get you to 100%

For those who came, or those who missed it, you can download a PDF of the slides, and the code examples:
Presentations slides PDF
Sample code