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I attended my first DrupalCon in Portland last week; boy was it an amazing experience even with the total lack of sunshine and the abundance of dreary Pacific Northwest rain. Everything was new and exciting for me from a PR/Marketing perspective. I was immersed in all things Drupal and witnessed the overwhelming sense of community and pride for this open source CMS platform.

I work in tandem with the business development team at NavigationArts and I’m always on the prowl for ways to generate quality leads to bolster our Drupal work. Though I spent most of my time as a sponsor networking at our booth and giving away cool sunglasses, I was able to attend the really interesting panel discussion, Marketing and Selling Drupal.

Here are few great takeaways that will help others who market, promote and sell Drupal:

Marketing Drupal:

  • Effective Positioning
  • Position your brand as subject matter experts and thought leaders who speak and write a lot about Drupal
  • Content Generation Strategy
  • Generate fresh and relevant Drupal related content: E-newsletters, Case Studies, Blogs, Video Interviews/Testimonials, Webinars, Whitepapers, Press Releases

Keys to Selling Drupal:

  • Budget Qualification – Determine if the organization has the appropriate budget for the scope of the proposed project
  • Timeline – Establish a realistic timeline for the size and scope of the project
  • Solutions – Evaluate the organization’s problems and pain points and how Drupal aligns with those issues
  • Purchasing Power – Ensure you are engaging the appropriate decision makers (CMO & CIO level)
  • Benefits – Highlight the benefits, cost savings, innovation and flexibility of Drupal

Growing and Evangelizing Drupal:

  • Go beyond the echo chamber informing people outside of the community about the benefits of adopting Drupal
  • Grow the Drupal community by focusing on 2 major audiences:
  • Developers – We need more developers to adopt Drupal who are able to influence their organizations in-house and increase the talent pool
  • CMOs and CIOs – If they understand the value of Drupal they can also transfer that knowledge throughout their organization

How the Drupal Association is Spreading the Word

Drupal Global Training Days:

  • Training companies around the world reach out to their local markets to attract more people to learn about Drupal on the same day.

Drupal.org Landing Pages:

  • Landing pages are being created for different personas, where interested organizations can receive detailed information about Drupal. They are then passed off to a marketplace to find a Drupal shop to work with that aligns with their particular goals

….And Remember
If you or your organization contributes lines of code, testing, or is connected in any way to Drupal 8, you can align your publicity efforts with the impending launch. Press releases are great ways promote Drupal. By making contributions you are taking ownership of the news cycle by localizing the global announcement to highlight how your organization is specifically involved in the launch of a large piece of software, which is great exposure for your brand and the Drupal community.

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