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Here are some of the past week's highlights from DigitalDisruption.com, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

Second Screen is Key to Great Digital Experience

Brands today are engaging with consumers on a rapidly growing number of platforms and devices. Taking the next step in the multiplatform revolution, many have begun engaging with their audience on two platforms simultaneously, add a second screen in order to add new layers of interactivity and interest.

Chief digital officers, or digital strategists with similar responsibilities, are often those being charged with developing this second-screen strategies as part of their responsibility for overall digital strategy.

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Locking Down the Cloud

Over the last few years, IT departments have gotten increasingly comfortable with cloud technology, by which I mean cloud security. Because as one IT analyst put it recently, “When it comes to the cloud, security is the number one concern. And number two isn’t even close.”

But 2014 could be the year when thought and analysis take a back seat to action. Companies that haven’t already embraced cloud technology are ready to make the move. One reason: the rise of automation, which is making it easier -- nearly irresistible, in fact -- for IT departments to start transitioning significant parts of their businesses to the cloud.

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Obama for America’s Digital Director Teddy Goff Shares Secrets of his Success

“People trust their friends, not political rhetoric.”

The implications of that truth were shared by Teddy Goff, Digital Director of Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, and featured speaker at the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit, held at Thomson Reuters World headquarters in New York City in February 2013.

Goff was introduced by CDO Club Founder David Mathison, who highlighted some of Goff and his 200+ person team’s now legendary accomplishments on its way to raising $690 million in the 2012 campaign.

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Glass Joins Ray-Ban, Oakley

Eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, the brand behind Oakley and Ray-Ban, is partnering with Google to help make Glass cool.

"The deal will see Luxottica bring "bring design and manufacturing expertise" to Google's Glass project. Initially focussed on Ray-Ban and Oakley for the US market, Luxottica will, apparently, design and produce a series of exclusive frames for Glass.

Luxottica claims the results will "combine high-end technology with avant-garde design offering the best in style, quality, and performance.'"

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