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Here are some of the past week's highlights from DigitalDisruption.com, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

Best practices for creating and driving social commerce experiences

As the increasingly social nature of the internet continues to alter the world of commerce, the most recent changes have seen the consumer take a more active role—a partnership role—in producing and consuming a brand’s content or services. In the past, user testing held a prominent place in many brands’ product development roadmaps. Today, consumers essentially are driving product choice and design through real-time interaction with each other and with the brand. In the same way, consumers are participating as full partners in providing services and products offered by brands.

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Perfecting The Enterprise End User Experience

Everyone talks about user experience. It’s often referred to in terms of how “sticky” an app is: how easy it is to use, how engaging it is, how relevant it is to what users are doing, etc. All are elements that contribute to a compelling experience, regardless of industry or app type. But while user experience is well understood and has always been core to the development and success of consumer-facing apps, the same is hardly true in the enterprise world.

So why is that and what are we – as enterprise software companies – doing about it?

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LifeSaver Targets Zuckerberg

Every innovative app needs a prominent poster child, so when LifeSaver was thinking about who to nominate, they chose none other than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Why? Because he was caught texting and driving last month. So, it seems like a perfect fit for LifeSaver, which provides drivers with an effective tool to break their distracted driving addiction by disabling certain parts of their phone while on the move.

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Big Data is ‘Bread and Butter’ for Stubhub

Today, when you attend a concert, go to a sporting event or see a comedy show, chances are you’ve purchased tickets online. And if you have, you know that your ability to seamlessly navigate and make purchases, no matter what device you’re on, sets the tone for the entire experience. The more personalized that experience is, the more satisfied the online purchaser will be.

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All Commerce is Social: The 3 Phases of Purchase

You already know that your customers are talking about your brand on social media platforms, posting images from your product pages to Pinterest, and checking reviews. The brick-and-mortar and virtual commerce experiences have become so intertwined that customers sometimes even make an online purchase while standing in your store.

Today, these social behaviors are integrated into every aspect of the way we do business and even have become part of the business model. We can break down the purchase interaction in three distinct phases: pre-purchase, mid-purchase and post-purchase.

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Continue to tune in for weekly wrap-ups, and be sure to subscribe to DigitalDisruption.com’s RSS feed for innovative examples of business change in the digital age.

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