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Introducing Pipelines for Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Far too often when it comes to Drupal development workflows, too many organizations lack a standard, established process. People tend to just follow along with whatever works best for each specific project, leading to a haphazard organizational system that can cause stability and security issues down the road. Yet, it is possible to build a more efficient and consistent development workflow with the right resources at your disposal. Acquia Pipelines is a continuous delivery tool to automate development workflows for websites and applications on Acquia Cloud. 

With Pipelines when you want to make a change to your Drupal application like adding a new feature or fixing a bug, a developer starts the process by writing some code. When the code reaches a stable point, the developer commits the code to a repository like GitHub. Previously, when a developer committed the code to the repository, either nothing would happen to it or it would be immediately deployed on Acquia Cloud. This meant that any process that you wanted to run on that code before it was deployed had to run locally by developers.

When using Pipelines, development teams define a consistent process for what happens to code before it gets deployed. This includes things like transforming the code, validating that it’s correct and making sure it’s the code you want before deploying it to production. Pipelines makes sure that when anyone writes new code, they use the same process every time to test and validate code so any errors get back to developers as quickly as possible. Pipelines works with all the popular developer tools like Drush, PHPUnit, phpcs, Behat and many more.

Until now, Acquia Pipelines was only available for Drupal applications running on Acquia Cloud Enterprise. Today we’re announcing the availability of Pipelines for Acquia Cloud Site Factory customers. Now developers can use our purpose-built Drupal continuous integration system with Acquia Cloud Site Factory applications at no additional cost. 

To get started, just contact your Acquia Account Manager and ask for the Pipelines entitlement to be added to your subscription. And check out more of the must-know information on Piplelines in the FAQ section below.

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How do I get Acquia Pipelines?

Contact your Acquia Account Manager and ask for the Pipelines entitlement to be added to your subscription.

How do I use Acquia Pipelines?

See our official product documentation for more details on how to get started.

Can I use Acquia Cloud CD with Site Factory?

At this time, the Acquia Cloud CDEs are not available with Site Factory.

Can I use Pipelines to deploy to my Site Factory applications?

No.  Pipelines is provided for Site Factory customers as a continuous integration tool.

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Trisha Paul

Product Manager  Acquia