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Introducing Acquia Lift: Website Personalization for Drupal Made Easy

Today’s an exciting day for Acquia with the launch of our new product, Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift is a new personalization product designed specifically for Drupal. There are lots of personalization products in the market, and you may even be using one today, but if you are running a Drupal site, you need to take a look at Acquia Lift.

Here are four reasons I’m excited about Lift:

1) Acquia Lift is designed for Drupal

With Acquia Lift, marketers can easily create, iterate, and optimize content directly within Drupal, rather than toggling between multiple products and managing content in multiple systems. All of your personalized content offers – text, images, videos, etc. – are managed in Drupal.

phot0 1

If you are using Drupal with another personalization platform like Optimizely or Adobe Target, you should take a look at Acquia Lift.

2) Acquia Lift is easy to use and ease to implement

While the idea of creating and delivering personalized digital experiences isn’t new, most existing solutions required marketing teams to create manual customer segments and rules. This worked if marketers were only targeting a few segments, but it didn’t scale to the one-to-one digital conversations consumers have come to expect from using sites like Netflix and Amazon.

Acquia Lift is completely automated, based on unique machine learning algorithms that calculate the right digital experience to deliver to each user. You simply select from a list of visitor attributes you’d like to test – e.g. demographic, location, daypart, user profile attributes – and Acquia Lift helps you uncover the best experience for your visitors. Automatically.

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3) Acquia Lift will make your company money, and probably get you promoted

Instead of just measuring goals on your site, you’ll be able to improve them. For a retailer this means increased sales. For a B2B marketer, it means more leads. For a higher education institution it means more admissions or alumni donations.

If you can measure it, you can optimize it. And through the integrated analytics and reporting in Acquia Lift, you can quickly show the impact of personalization on your site.


4) Any Drupal Site can run Acquia Lift, regardless of your existing relationship with Acquia

We happen to think Acquia Cloud is the best Drupal cloud platform in the world, but if you are self-hosting your site, or running it somewhere else, you can still use Acquia Lift.

Lastly, why the name Acquia Lift? Well, there were two things about it we liked. First, Lift is an aspirational word, and we liked the idea of helping take our customers to the next level. Second, the idea of marketing lift as a measurement of improvement in performance over control has been around direct marketing forever, and what we’re doing is applying the same concept to digital marketing.

If you are running one of the millions of Drupal sites in existence, you need to take a look at Lift. And we’d love to give you a product demonstration!


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