ICYMI: News & Notes from Acquia, April 2020

See stories of how Acquia customers in federal government, retail and e-commerce are adapting to deliver memorable digital experiences.

Welcome to our Acquia News & Notes series where we’ll recap top announcements, customer stories and media drivers. 

If there’s one thing we’ve observed in recent months, it’s that technology is essential to keeping businesses connected to customers. Whether you’re a government agency responsible for bringing citizens and scientists real-time research or a retail brand adapting to deliver the same personalized in-store experiences in a purely online setting, Acquia helps organizations maintain strong customer relationships through digital communications. Here are a few stories from our customers that show how they’re using digital to reach people and build trust. 

NOAA Fisheries recently spoke with GCN about how moving 20 of their websites onto the Acquia Cloud platform allowed them to boost traffic and improve their user experience. 

A cloud-based platform was a priority to meet the agency’s cloud requirements, and the Acquia platform is certified by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. [NOAA Fisheries CIO, Roy Varghese] attributes the site’s 13% bump in user engagement in part to the agency’s website and social media presence and also to navigation changes that made information easier for visitors to find. The rest of the credit goes to changes that made the content accessible and understandable by all stakeholders – not only those in the science field but also commercial and recreational fishermen, fishing councils and the public.” -GCN

Popular retail brands Ashley Stewart and Lilly Pulitzer shared their success stories with Diginomica and  Women’s Wear Daily, describing how Acquia AgilOne helped them craft more personalized online experiences for consumers.  

“I think what Ashley Stewart does really well is they understand their customers; they understand the customers in-store. That was their traditional way of transacting, and they've really done a good job of using the AgilOne CDP to understand the distinct groups of customers, what they like to buy, how they like to buy, and creating the right experience on social, or the types of emails they're getting, the cadence they're getting them, knowing where their local store is, said Ryan Willette, vice president, global account management at Acquia. “So they're trying to use the data and digital to create as similar of an experience as they can get in-store, said Willette.” - Diginomica

“‘We’re always looking to take it one step further to ask how we can create the best possible experience and create the best possible product that answers [our customer’s] expectations,’ said [Sarah Engel, vice president of marketing and creative communications at Lilly Pulitzer]. ‘The data tells us a lot about it. I genuinely believe a lot of it is still art and science and [this partnership with Acquia AgilOne] is certainly our science piece.’” - Women’s Wear Daily

At Acquia, we are assured that our vision to deliver world-class open digital experiences makes us the right partner to support our customers in their efforts. Dries Buytaert, Acquia CTO and co-founder, expressed confidence that open source technology is a resilient and strong option in difficult economic circumstances.  

In a feature with Business Insider, Buytaert said, “Open source software helps companies retain more control over what they're building [...] Companies want to take more control over their own destiny as well. People are more scared about what's happening in the world, but if you use open source, there's not the risk of the vendor going out of business."

As a testament to our ongoing growth and development, we recently announced the appointment of three seasoned technology professionals to our leadership team. Pega alum John Mandel comes to Acquia as the head of engineering, Robert Former has taken on the role of Chief Information Security Officer and former SAP executive Kevin Cochrane will serve as senior vice president of product marketing. We’re thrilled to welcome all three talented leaders to Acquia. We believe that they will be instrumental in helping us continue to bring unparalleled value to our customers. 

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