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How to use Hello Drupal

By Heather James

If you're running a business around Drupal services, giving talks and presentations is great way to highlight your own expertise and get the word out about Drupal. Preparation, however, takes time.

We created "Hello Drupal" as a free hands-on session with materials and activities to help potential Drupal users and clients understand some fundamental concepts of Drupal. I used it on Saturday with 12 attendees at DrupalCamp Derry **, and it worked even better than the last time I tried it. (Thanks for the feedback which helped improve it). Often, newcomers are at sea at DrupalCamps. Hello Drupal is a good start for someone who knows very little about Drupal and has never opened the box.

Good thing is, you don't have to be a trainer to deliver this short course. This brings up some questions- what exactly do I do with the materials? Recently, I held an online session about how to use Hello Drupal. We recorded it, and if you'd like to be a "Drupal Guide" and run a Hello Drupal session, please watch it.

How to use Hello Drupal (WebEx recording)

In this session, I give some background about how the idea came about. I show you "what's in the box" and then walk through the schedule and touch on some of the main points in the presentation and participant manual. You can get a feel for how you can run the course.

What I think is nice is that, at the end of the online session, you can hear the participants suggesting some changes in the session, and we mused about the best way to approach explaining a certain concept. Soon after, I had updated the presentation materials and you can see the changes now. Hello Drupal, like all our training materials is always evolving thanks to your feedback. So please tell us what you think and how we could improve it.

If you'd like to deliver Hello Drupal in your area, we'd like to list it on http://training.acquia.com/events. You can also see a list of events on the Hello Drupal page: http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal. Please sign up to become a "Drupal Guide".

Find out more and download the materials at http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal - You can see the list of upcoming events there at the bottom of the page and the names of companies and locations.

(Also worth noting Hello Drupal popped up across the globe this month - San Francisco BadCamp on the 21st, Hyderabad, India on the 15th, Athens, Greece on the 8th! Thanks to the Drupal Guides!)


Posted on by John Marsdon.

I really like this idea, the title "Hello Drupal" matches the typical programming and development mind where often the first thing learnt is "Hello World". So it welcomes the day to day users and also the people that will implement and manage the installation.

A good call, nice work!

<a href="http://krystal.co.uk/web-hosting-uk/secure/secure-web-ho sting/">John Marsdon</a>

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